Approaching Technology as an Anthroposophist

With Andrew Linnell

A series of three webinars on the mysteries of technology as seen in the light of spiritual science

Presented by MysTech

What you will learn

  • What were Rudolf Steiner’s indications regarding Technology?
  • How do we understand our physical development and the approaching end of our physical bodies?
  • What is the Necessity in our future with technology and how do we grow into this in Freedom?
  • How do we confront the adversarial powers without fear and with equanimity?

While a foundation in Anthroposophy is helpful, it is not required for participation.

About the Speaker

Andrew Linnell is president of the Boston Branch and co-founder of MysTech. He is a veteran of the computer industry and a longtime member of the School for Spiritual Science and part of the planning group for the Natural Science Section.

Webinar 1

The Cosmic Necessity Of Our Technological Age​


Rudolf Steiner distinguished between freedom and necessity. He explains how our current fifth Post-Atlantean Epoch will come to an end. Andrew will outline the role technology must take in human evolution. This includes roles in the lead-up to Ahriman’s incarnation, then towards the end of sexual procreation, and finally to the return of the moon.

Webinar 2

The Welding Together Of Man And Machine​


In this webinar, we continue our study of the role of technology through the rest of Post-Atlantean Cultural Ages. As the physical body withers, humanity will seek technological solutions that will further hasten the body’s demise. We’ll look at how prosthetics work today and how they will work in the future. We will explore foundations for a Mechanical Occultism.

Webinar 3

Maintaining Our Humanity Through the Challenge of Our Times


It may feel like an impossible future, but don’t underestimate our human capacities. We’ve not been abandoned by the spiritual world! We’ll examine the offered help from spiritual beings and the Christ. Lastly, we look at contemporary issues and their counter-balances in this light.

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3 Webinars

$ 25
  • Rudolf Steiner’s vision of the future in regard to technology.
  • Overcoming our fear of the future and artificial intelligence.
  • How to have a healthy confrontation with Ahriman
  • Access to all 3 Webinars and HD Video Recordings

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