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MysTech Study Courses

MysTech Study Courses

Offering Studies into the Mysteries of Technology

MysTech intends to cultivate the ground both in the human soul and in industry whereby a healthy Man-Machine relationship can be realized. Toward that goal, MysTech intends to establish a research and development center. In support of our research goal, MysTech offers educational programs such as these study courses as well as a newsletter, periodic webinars, and an annual conference in addition to these study groups. 

Each study course intends to build a supportive environment for the study of key lectures given by Rudolf Steiner regarding the future interaction of mankind with machines. Each course has a study guidebook containing lectures by Steiner along with study questions. The latest editions of the guidebooks are available on Amazon. You may also order a PDF of the Study Guidebooks.

Each course is formed around a group whose members can be from anywhere in the world. Consider forming a group! The guidebooks can be used without a group leader.

Autumn 2023 Schedule

Course                                         Host                   Day      Time

First                                       Andrew          Mon    8:30 pm ET (5:30 PT)

First                                       Aleodor         TH    2:00 pm ET (20:00 CET)

First in German                  (Self Study)  n/a     No Host

Second                                Cheryl            TU       8:30 pm ET     

Third                                     (self study)   n/a     no host   

Fourth                                  Jonathan      Wed    8:00 am ET (14:00 CET)

Refined Breathing             Andrew         TH        8:30 pm ET (5:30 pm PT)                          

Destiny – Human Body    Lawrence      TH       2:30 pm ET (11:30 am PT) 

Light and Electricity          Colin             Wed    1:30 pm ET (18:30 BT)     

Threefolding *new*          Rosemary    Sat       11:00 Am ET (8 aM PT) Trial Run – no guidebook                             


First Course

Introduction to Mechanical Occultism (hidden). Steiner’s picture of the next 4 to 6 thousand years. Spiritual beings involved in preparing this future. The Ahrimanic Double. Human vibrations and emanations and how they might carry moral impulses into specially tuned machines. The Tau. Morality and Love.


Studienführer: Erster Kurs (First Course in German)

Einführung in den mechanischen Okkultismus (versteckt). Steiners Bild der nächsten 4 bis 6 tausend Jahre. Geistige Wesen, die an der Vorbereitung dieser Zukunft beteiligt sind. Der ahrimanische Doppelgänger. Menschliche Schwingungen und Emanationen und wie sie moralische Impulse in speziell abgestimmte Maschinen tragen können. Moral, Liebe, und das Tau.

Second Course

K7.8Hephaistos (2)

Michael and Ahriman Realms and the Role of Humans. If the world of the senses is illusion, then what is Light? Electricity? Thought? Matter? What emanates from the human being? Involvement of spiritual beings.

Advanced Image

Third Course

From ancient mythology we follow closely human evolution with the roles of Lucifer and Ahriman to see into the future. We find an evolution of the Moral World and that the Moral and the Mechanical must come to interpenetrate just as light and dark interpenetrate to give us colors. What is the Eighth sphere? How does it affect our future?

Fourth Course image

Fourth Course

From the Mexican Mysteries to the mechanical mysteries, we explore the needs and dangers of a mechanical occultism. We look at the work of Paul Emberson and AnthroTech. Who helps us develop this? Working with the dead and spiritual beings.

Specialty Courses

Spirit to Matter Image-2 (5)

Light and Electricity

This course has 12 sessions that focus on the question, what really is light and electricity? How are they related to each other and to the human being?

Refined Breathing (2)

Refined Breathing

This course has 12 sessions that seek to understand “the new yoga will” that is to come about during this Michaelic Age. How are the senses breathing organs? What do they breathe? How is light related also to air? What happens within one from outside light entering the body to become ideas?

Destiny of the Human Body

This 12-session course examines some 30 lectures by Rudolf Steiner that discussed the future of the physical and etheric bodies. The picture that unfolds reveals our relationship to an Ahrimanic double began in Lemurian times but must conclude by the end of the 6th Post-Atlantean Cultural Age (roughly by about 6000 AD). The etheric body will be increasingly loosening with the physical body causing it to wither more and more. The Ahrimanic double will seek to replace withered body parts with mechanical ones. This is already underway.