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  1. Dear Mr. Filocco,
    I am responding to your UFO Challenge presentation. I appreciate your study of both anthroposophy and extraterrestrials. You seem to have a good overview of current views on ETs. Like you, I have also been to UFO conferences; i.e,the Alien Cosmic Expo in Toronto. I began researching ET contact experiences 15 years ago, and have since read over 100 books on this complex subject. I have also been a student of anthroposophy since 1977. I have attempted to correlate Steiner’s ideas with the current wave of information regarding extraterrestrial involvement in human life, only to be frustrated by the relative lack of correspondence. The paradigm of anthroposophy and adversarial beings Ahriman and Lucifer does not seem to match the complexity of descriptions of such an evident variety of ET beings. Some Grays could be described as being thoroughly ahrimanic, yet they do not seem evil, in a demonic sense. Some descriptions of Reptilians are of extremely evil beings, but they do not seem ahrimanic. Some descriptions of advanced beings, who are human-like, or of spiritually developed Grays, as well as others, who lack the need for a physical body, make them appear almost angelic. Again, I wonder what relation these beings might have to Steiner’s description of an angelic hierarchy, or to Christ. I have come to the conclusion that what Steiner presented as a worldview is inadequate and largely unhelpful. What has been helpful is Steiner’s profound moral sensibility; of good and evil and their role in human development. In meeting other species our first question should be, “Are they good and kind, or are they self-centered, exploitative, and opposed to human freedom?” Of course, we should also ask ourselves to be open, impartial, and respectful of others. I feel an immense urgency regarding this decade, particularly about ET disclosure. Thanks for your contribution to our ongoing collective understanding.
    Michael Ferrel
    Retired Social Worker, Poet
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada