Are UFOs Real?

Photograph: US department of defense, 2004

MysTech Conference 2021 | Speaker Presentation Profile

For over 60+ years, the debate of whether UFO and Aliens were real or not is coming rapidly to a conclusion. If you were ever on the fence about this topic or outright denied it ever existed, then in light of recent revelations, you may feel you have some catching up to do.

The U.S. Government Agencies, who have denied the existence of UFOs or UAPs as they are now described, are now acknowledging in public that they are real! With the release of the Pentagon’s UFO Report on what they know and don’t know after decades of tracking this phenomenon, the question will remain, how do we rightly understand these phenomena in the light of Spiritual Science?

Join the MysTech Conference 2021 and Robert Filocco as he walks through with us his research on this topic and discusses the parallels between recent UFO phenomena and Steiner’s cosmology and his description of Ahrimanic beings. The work of John Mack on abductions will be addressed, as well as how the phenomena align with Steiner’s predictions of an Ahrimanic future, the dangers of AI, mind control, and transhumanism.

Watch this 8 min introduction by Robert Filocco as he brings up some essential questions that he plans to tackle in his presentation.

  • Can we find a framework for understanding the UFO phenomena in Steiner’s spiritual ecology?
  • Is humanity’s development unnaturally being speed up by the interjection of these technologies?
  • Is our natural spiritual cognition distorted by psychic abilities being gifted or endowed upon people without pursuing any clear spiritual path of initiation?

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