Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP) and Keely

Image: Keelys Vibratory Relations of Multi-Level Matter,

In 1995-1996 a small group of idealists built a replica of John Keely’s Musical Dynasphere. After it was built, the device showed a surprising ability to influence its local environment. Furthermore, the device aided one near it to remember and feel universal peace and love. The proximity of the device was experienced by many to awaken a “Christ Consciousness” within. Can a machine such as what Keely had built in the early eighteen hundreds be the moral technology we seek today?

Watch this free video from the MysTech Conference 2020 where presenter Dale Pond, writer, inventor and machinist, and maker of Musical Dynaspheres, expertly walks us through the following:

  • Can machines be created to generate a feeling of moral aptitude within us?
  • If a machine can do this, can it also be animated from that same moral standing?
  • What was it that Keely invented in the end?
  • Where do we go from here with Sympathetic Vibratory Physics?
  • And much more.remember and feel

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