The Spiritual Destiny of North America: Uriel and the Mystery of the Three Occultisms

The Spiritual Destiny of North America

Uriel and the Mystery of the Three Occultisms

  • Does the Archangel Uriel have a special connection with North America and with the development of mechanical occultism?
  • Is there a Parzival mystery embedded in the physical and etheric geography of North America?
  • How can we cultivate the new etheric heart forces and capacities which can help us to awaken and embody the good spirit of America?
  • Is there a relationship between the three occultisms and the threefold social order?

These are just a few of the questions that we will explore in this two-part webinar that will bring together over 30 years of research I have conducted into the spiritual character and destiny of North America.

MysTech Webinar Series
MysTech Webinar Series
The Spiritual Destiny of North America - Part 1 NEW

IN THIS FIRST WEBINAR, building on the pioneering spiritual research of Frederich Benesch and Robert Patterson, we will seek to penetrate to an understanding of the spiritual geography of North America, encompassing the mighty forces of both good and evil that are at work on this continent. We will explore the way the soul forces, the elemental beings and spirits of place work here, and the ways in which this knowledge can help us bring healing to our troubled social and ecological landscapes. Gradually, we will work toward an understanding of the mystery of the center, the “failed rift zone” of America’s heartland, where the Grail and Arthurian streams of the continent flow together and where the forces of anthroposophy, according to Rudolf Steiner, concentrate themselves and then ray out over the entire continent. How can we serve and protect this “woman clothed with the sun” ever more consciously?

MysTech Webinar Series
MysTech Webinar Series
The Spiritual Destiny of North America - Part 2 NEW

IN THIS SECOND WEBINAR, we will explore the relationship of the three occultisms (eugenic, hygienic and mechanical) to the beings of Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel respectively and the way in which Michael is seeking to work with these beings, through us, to bring about a healthy expression of these three occultisms. This will open a doorway to a recognition of the special role that the Archangel Uriel plays in the destiny of North America, and will allow us to examine the signature of Uriel in the history and present-day life of America. On this basis we will explore Uriel’s archetypal way of working in the human soul, which is so essential to root anthroposophy on this continent, and to create a foundation for the unfolding of those healthy social and economic forms, as well as etheric and moral technologies for which our culture is so hungry.

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  1. What an intricate and beautiful interlocking of ideas! Though it was mentioned that spiritual science “wants to look different in each place/infividual,” I can sense light when Robert pointed out that “all are connected.”
    Thank you so much for this 2-part webinar. Looking forward to more!

  2. Thank you for this beautiful, thoughtful series.
    As I understand Uriel in bits of experience through my work with plants & substances, this mighty Archangel possesses the very knowledge of the first Logos, streaming through the “alphabet” of the stars & planets, which is behind being a custodian of the laboratory & altar. So….formative forces. In Eurythmy practice, it is even possible to experience something of Uriel.

    In summer, during the “karmic review” period, it is also possible, and uncomfortably intense!, to experience as well as personal karma, a taste of Earth’s and humanity’s karma, too.

  3. Hi Robert & Andrew – Great presentation; corresponds with many experiences about America. Looking forward to further presentations.
    Question: What is the esoteric or elemental significance of Niagara Falls, near the end of the Niagara Escarpment, and the massive whirlpool/vortex in the Niagara River gorge? Are these features the “crowning” statement of the majesty of the Great Lakes?
    I hope you have been able to see this phenomenon in person.
    Best regards, Heather Ross