The Social Context of Technology

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The Social Impulses from Gondhishapur Versus Rudolf Steiner’s Impulse of Social Threefolding

We have today science and technology being developed in a cultural and social context. In early cultures, this development was within the context of an initiation process. It was right about the time of the Ancient Greek culture when the connection with the spiritual world was lost. According to Rudolf Steiner, evil forces began to inspire the development of science in the Academy of Gondhishapur. It is here that lies the origin of modern materialistic science. It is at this time that materialistic views of the soul and society were embedded. Our societies now function in such a way that economic motives create conditions for the development of a technology that enslaves human beings instead of liberating them. With the impulse of Social Threefolding and the School for Spiritual Science, Rudolf Steiner wanted to create the proper conditions for a society in which spiritual and moral consciousness can direct the future course of science and technology. Otherwise, the initiates from the modern Gondhishapur, the mystery school of Ahriman, will continue to dominate our world.

Watch this free video from last years MysTech Conference 2020 where presenter Harrie Salman, Ph.D., a philosopher of culture and European history and author of several books, his latest, The Social World as Mystery Center, expertly walks us through the following:

  • How science and technology were regarded in ancient times and how this knowledge was imparted.
  • Aristotle and the new method of logical thinking, how this came to be the beginning of a new scientific approach and understanding of the world.
  • How morality became disconnected from the pursuit of science.
  • How this science of today is building technology that is based on financial interest instead of human interest.
  • Understanding why the overuse and dependence on electromagnetic forces.
  • How we can continue to follow a path of moral in science to bring about technology that is right for humanity’s future.
  • And much, much more…

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