Applied Radionics

Image: Field Broadcaster, Quantum Agriculture

In Biodynamic Agriculture

What is Radionics but the transfer of patterns via quantum non-locality and entanglement. Radionics works with what have been called subtle energies and subtle energy patterns or the ‘wave’ side of nature. The quantum physics component of Radionics deals with a holographic universe, which is both spiritual and physical. There’s an understanding that the ‘wave’, which is a pattern of activity that is non-local (spiritual), affects any particles it is entangled with. The particle side of nature is at rest and is physically anchored in a locality. It is the ‘wave’ though that is the doing part of nature. How is this helpful in Biodynamic farming?

Watch this free video from the MysTech Conference 2020 where presenter Hugh Lovel, an international consultant of over 40 years in Biodynamic studies and practices and inventor of the quantum radionic Field Broadcaster, expertly walks us through the following:

  • How to understand Radionics on a quantum level.
  • How to understand Radionics in a physical and spiritual context.
  • How we directly affect the effectiveness of Radionics through our intentions.
  • Examples of patterns made and applied in alleviating adverse conditions.
  • Overview of the Field Broadcaster.
  • And questions and answers that are personal and reveling.

This wonderful and insightful presentation by Hugh was his last before passing away a week later.

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