On Goethe and Newton’s Color Theory

Light, Dark and Turbidity

In terms of regular physics, color is a problem that’s deemed to have been solved hundreds of years ago. With all this fantastic technology giving us such vivid colors, it would seem we’ve got the ideas of color pretty much nailed down. But once you dig a little deeper, the story does not seem to be as clear-cut as it’s made out to be in our modern-day physics textbook. It is a bit difficult to understand how exactly it’s not clear and where the gaps in our understanding of color still remain without first going back some time in history.

Watch this free video from last years MysTech Conference 2020 where presenter Gopi Krishna Vijaya, Ph.D., a Solar Energy Physicist and lead researcher at the Reciprocal System Research Society, expertly walks us through the following:

  • How the experimentum crucis of Newton was compromised, and yet has led to the entire modern view of color and wavelength.
  • What are the issues and assumptions of color that have never been rectified over the centuries?
  • The real relation between wavelength and color.
  • How a clearer image of color arises from Goethe’s color experiments.
  • And many other revelations of color…

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