The Effects of Technical Devices on the World of Humans

Image: Elemental Beings: Drawing Machine, Cornell AAP

The Effects of Humans on Technical Devices

All processes in the physical world are constituted out of the supersensible. From this we can surmise an intentional relationship on the level of the spiritual world and the realizing forces on the level of the Elemental Beings. We humans take part on these levels – consciously or unconsciously – in a reciprocal interaction. It is up to us, more than ever, to understand and form a more conscious and active relationship with these Beings.

Watch this free video from the MysTech Conference 2020 where presenter Frank Burdich, Waldorf science teacher for 14 years and spiritual researcher for the food and medical industry, expertly walks us through the following:

  • What is meant by Elemental Beings?
  • How are Elemental Beings a part of Mechanical Processes?
  • How do we recognize the working of Elemental Beings in our daily lives?
  • How can we work more closely with Elemental Beings to bring greater harmony to our workspace?
  • And much more.

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