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Newsletter on the Mysteries of Technology

Dear Friends,

This year’s MysTech conference is going to be like no other. With a mix of in-person and online presentations, this year’s conference will combine the best of both and include everyone, no matter where they are or how they attend. With the help of a professional production manager from Spain, we will put on an informative and thoughtful conference for everyone at a time when knowledge of technology and the spirit is crucial.

Why is MysTech different from all other conferences concentrating on Technology?

Deeply thoughtful speakers pursuing a spiritual scientific approach are coming together for a 3-day intensive concentrating on our relationship with technology now and for the rest of humanity’s future in the physical realm.

It is not just technological hardware, coding, psychological, and physiological aspects of its use that we must comprehend. We must learn how to deeply enter into the struggle between forces, powers, and principalities, some of whom are opposed to our intended human evolution.

It’s easy to speak about the illusions and deceptions produced through technology as being outside of us, but it’s another to speak about the illusions and deceptions born from within, to actually “Know thyself.” To understand how opposing forces work within is the first step to addressing why we have incarnated in this technological era and how to confront the human issues before us.

MysTech Conference attendees will:
  • gain insight into the true origins of technology, especially the digital technology that now pervades every aspect of our lives
  • gain insight into the development of the human being over Time to the present and how technology has evolved to what it is today
  • understand that technology need not be all bad but is, for the most part, now being subjected to the drive to power
  • gain insight into how technology could be developed along deep moral foundations
  • learn about sub-natural and supra-natural forces, the differences and properties in relation to the human constitution and cosmos
  • learn about consciousness out of the consciousness soul so as to rightly confront and resolve the spiritual direction of our time.

Working with each other through a new and living thinking, not an old rehash, is key to MysTech’s whole point of being. The conferences attempt to challenge how we think of thinking itself.

This year’s conference will be the most rewarding yet as it tackles:
  • How technology and consciousness relate
  • How we are to bridge the natural and digital sciences and spiritual science
  • The pressures of for-profit technologies on our human constitution and how to fortify our subtle bodies
  • The emergence of quantum dimensional beings in our time and how to view it
  • How to think of artificial intelligence so we’re not misled by Transhumanist memes
  • Our relationship to our Lesser Guardian and the potential of entrapment in a subnature world of our own making
  • The elemental worlds and their help or hindrance for truly human development
  • Using sound, vibrations, and frequencies for human to machine interfaces
  • A true understanding of force and energy in us and in the cosmos
  • The Metaverse and its trappings
  • Machine replication 
  • The emergence of an artificial soul
  • Freedom of thought in a culture of directives
  • The genesis of a new society on the backdrop of digital technology

Big issues for an extraordinary time to be incarnated! This MysTech Conference is well worth attending.

For More Information and to Sign Up Visit: MysTech Conference 2022

Summer tidings,

Frank Dauenhauer
Managing Director, CFAE
Center for Anthroposophical Endeavors

Disclaimer:  No one has tried to ascertain The Opinion(s) of MysTech. We don’t know how to do that. Thus, as authors, we often express opinions especially when our writing deals with current events.

Do we become what we think and imagine?

Leslie Markley

In a materialistic, scientific way of understanding, we are told that there could be no life without DNA, and no DNA without RNA.  Peer-reviewed science tells us of one mechanistic theory that even claims  “…an RNA world existed on Earth before modern cells arose”.

Compare this to Steiner’s explanations based on spiritual science:  “there is no matter without spirit” and he tells us, that human beings existed on earth, prior to the time they incarnated in physical bodies.  We may begin to wonder if we are reading descriptions of the same reality using different words. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would help us with the translation?  In an essay titled DNA-the phantom effect, quantum hologram and the etheric body, the author, Linda Gadbois, gives us what may turn out to be a kind of Rosetta Stone that does just that.

Before jumping into this article, let’s ask some questions as a way to “plow the ground” upon which fertile seeds may be sown.

As each of us strives to know ourself, we must surely wonder:  Who is the observer?  Who is the voice that speaks inside each of us?

And following up on this, as we gain a bit of scientific vocabulary in the field of genetics, we may wonder:  Is it the same as the entity that decides whether to activate, deactivate and/or methylate DNA in our genes?  What…you haven’t asked yourself that question lately?  Perhaps it’s time to take a deep dive.  When we do, we should not be surprised if we discover that the science of genes has carried on beyond our initial stage of understanding.

We all know that real science is a process, and that there is little reason to believe that humanity has complete understanding of genetics any more than any other scientific field of inquiry.  In the same way that most people hold internal images of the solar system as various solid spheres that circle an enormous ball of flaming substance, many who consider themselves well-educated continue to think that electrons circle protons.  However, these are just models that facilitated the development of conceptual thinking in the fields of astronomy and molecular physics.  Current models are much more complex.  Few among us realize that the double helix is also just a model, and the idea that our “genes” are handed out at conception, and basically remain fixed from that point forward, was a stage in the development of the science of genetics.

As an example of another stage in the process of coming to an understanding of genetics:

It took until the 1950’s before the human diploid number was confirmed as 46.

Chimpanzees, the closest living relatives to modern humans, have 48 chromosomes as do the other great apes: in humans two chromosomes fused to form chromosome 2.

According to the materialistic scientific perspective: “The gain or loss of DNA from chromosomes can lead to a variety of genetic disorders.” From that point of view, humanity might be considered as little more than a simian illness.

Rather than think of “genetic disorders” caused by loss of a material substance, what if we think of the process as something rather different?  If we use words to stimulate images, and set aside our pre-programmed tendencies, we may find our thoughts going to entirely unexplored realms.  Juxtaposing words and phrases such as “phantom effect”, “quantum hologram”, “etheric resonance”, “spiritual blueprint of wholeness” and “healthy gene expression”, may lead to new ideas.  Then, when we consider the question:  what is the cause of the suppression, or removal of DNA from chromosomes? we may find ourselves asking if there is not only an “observer” and a “speaker” that is part of our “self”, but perhaps also a spiritual being who takes action that affects us at the physical level.  Now we may better consider the question:  Who is in charge of methylation and de-methylation?  How is the process of combining or deleting genetic material initiated?  Is it simply random chance?

Thinking of the spiritual realm behind all that we can perceive with our senses:  Is there a being who causes the genetic changes associated with an individuality’s incarnation?  Or is everything really random chance?  And must we accept the idea that how we progress through life is pre-determined by the genes we “inherited”?

Similarly, could the same “I”, who is the observer and the voice within, be the same “I” who thinks and activates neurons?  Spiritual science is able to consider the idea that the very being who moves each of us to live in the world, might actually “turn on” the autopilot activities of neurological instincts at birth, and then strives to attain the capacity to rein them in.  As we grow, we experience a learning process that begins with instinctive sympathy/antipathy, then causes reaction to stimuli that leads to action, feedback, modification, and eventually “consciousness-linked-with-will” infusing our choices in thought and activity.  When I am able to make free moral choices in life, it means that in the face of a situation in which an instinctive reaction is the default, my individuality may express itself by choosing the path less taken.  Instincts operate on well-myelinated pathways in the brain. The ability to do other than what our bodily instincts dictate is like taking hold of the “horse” called “impulse” so we may alter the activity of neurons.

According to many scientific studies in the field called epigenetics, we are thus able to affect our genes.  They are not immutable. Our life path is not dictated by our chromosomes.

According to a meta-analysis conducted by Duke et al., “neuron DNA methylation (repressing expression of particular genes) is altered by neuronal activity. Neuron DNA methylation is required for synaptic plasticity; is modified by experiences; and active DNA methylation and demethylation is required for memory formation and maintenance.”

“Our results shed new light on the gene expression and DNA methylation changes involved in memory formation, confirming that these processes are dynamic and experience-dependent.”

Now that we have plowed that field, let us return to Linda Gadbois’ 2018 piece, DNA-the phantom effect, quantum hologram and the etheric body. The author offers her insights in an essay that may turn out to be a valuable tool for translating between the science of matter and the science of spirit.  Most of us may find a need to research her words and parse her sentences:  the person who only speaks the language of physical science may not understand the vocabulary of esotericism, and vice versa.  But for the reader willing to put some energy into it, the result may be worth it.

Gadbois’ conclusion:

“Our mind receives information that it turns into emotional thoughts that act as a blueprint for shaping our material body, both inwardly and outwardly. We literally become what we think and imagine.”

Linda Gadbois  works as a spiritual scientist and metaphysician, doctor, author, artist and teacher.

Leslie Markley has a background in linguistics and thirty years of studying the work of Rudolf Steiner.

More fun for deep divers: – How likely is it that the Cosmos created Junk?

Models are tools.  They may even be fun, but don’t get hung up on them: One “model” shows the orbit of planets around the sun as they cycle between perihelion and aphelion – their closest and furthest points from the sun during the course of their full cycle, as they follow their elliptical — not circular — pathways.

Other models show and describe the overall movement of planets as they move with the sun through its elliptical orbit of the center of the Milky Way.

Elana Freeland has been deeply engaged with anthroposophy since 1977 and was a trained Waldorf teacher for 16 years. She is the author of a geoengineering trilogy that details what the challenge of geoengineering really is, the latest book being Geoengineered Transhumanism: How the Environment Has Been Weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetism & Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology, 2021.

Understanding Lucifer, Christ, and Ahriman

In the Modern World Through the Works of Rudolf Steiner

Sara Staser Garsha

There’s an elephant in the room. Many are aware of its presence, but like blind men capable of understanding the elephant only through limited sense, the true nature and totality of this entity, including the reason it’s in the room, escapes the masses. Arguably, the majority of people strive to do good in the world, but we might consider our efforts to be in vain were we to discover the world as we know it is an illusion – an illusion which in spite of our good intentions, is creating hell on Earth. Steiner identified three essential Spirits lending shape to the evolution of the human being – Lucifer, Christ, and Ahriman. Understanding these three entities is crucial if we wish to gain the full capacity of sight which will allow us to see past the illusion and behold the elephant in the room.

Matter is Latter

Understanding that spirit exists before matter is the basis to decoding the illusion. Another way of saying this: matter, or the perception of matter, is preceded by thought or consciousness. Cutting-edge science is on the cusp of identifying this phenomenon in disciplines such as quantum mechanics and epigenetics. A popular example in quantum mechanics is an experiment which illuminated the effect an observing scientist has upon the behavior of electrons – the greater amount of observation, or concentration given by the observer to the electrons, the greater the impact upon the behavior of the electrons.(1) Another way of realizing how consciousness precedes matter is demonstrated through Wi-Fi technology. All around us in the modern world vast amounts of data are accessible via the internet. However, we are unable to perceive this information without the use of a “receiver”, in our case a smartphone or computer. This may seem an abstraction, but think about the fact that before the internet can be experienced with eyes and ears, it permeates the space around us with seemingly no effect upon reality. Considering the visible spectrum is estimated to be less than one thousandth of one percent of the known electromagnetic spectrum,(2) which is an exaggeration when the electromagnetic spectrum is hypothetically infinite, what else could be found in the seemingly empty space currently unperceivable to our five-senses or present technology?

Regardless of our ability to physically experience something, phenomena beyond the capacity of our senses exists, and the determining factor of what is perceived or experienced materially is the structure of the receiver/perceiver. The structure, I contend, is analogous to consciousness. Think for a moment about the perception of a bee. Does a bee perceive the physical manifestation of a mountain or the moon in the same way as a human? The material/physical expression of the world and therefore the experience of it will vary depending upon the consciousness of the perceiver, which in large part is determined by biological structures. For humans, however, it can also be demonstrated that culture, environment, and technological structures, among others, also lend shape to our consciousness, thereby affecting what we’re able to perceive, and perhaps more significantly what we’re not able to perceive.

American biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton has done ground-breaking work in the realm of epigenetics where he has demonstrated how the behavior of cellular life and gene-expression is not solely determined by heredity. While genes are certainly passed down from parents to child, new evidence indicates that thought and environmental input influence how and what inherited genes are ultimately expressed or suppressed, and effectively have a greater determination of health than the genes themselves.(3) Many scientists, doctors, and researchers have contributed knowledge and evidence to demonstrate how sound, energy, and thought (which one could argue are interchangeable terms) lie at the root of physical expression of the human body and can be used to promote healing or disease. In fact, working with currents of energy throughout the body is the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which, while estimated to have been practiced for at least 3,000 years, is only now gaining acceptance in the western world through successful application of acupuncture and other TCM energy techniques. Meanwhile, modern medical practice has conceded that the effects of negative emotional stress wreak havoc on the physical body and overall health.(4) The influences of mind, thought, and emotion upon our physical bodies, specifically how they precede physical expression, are beginning to gain mainstream recognition.

Realizing how consciousness affects our own physical manifestation in addition to the way one perceives the physical world will go a long way to help decipher the information Steiner relays regarding Lucifer, Christ, and Ahriman. In Steiner’s presentation of these entities, we are given a description of conscious forces existing beyond human physical perception yet working upon us to shape and affect our consciousness. Lucifer and Ahriman can be recognized as opposite forces exerting themselves upon the human being. In fact, Steiner describes the two as working upon us from left and right, top and bottom, front and back, respectively.(5) Our physical composition reflects this duality – consider how we can be divided down our midline, the left and right a mirror of each other. The human exists in the balance of these forces and it is through harnessing the Christ impulse that we prevent ourselves from inner collapse and takeover by these entities. The Christ impulse can be understood when one strives to know the True Self, the “I”, the Ego. Furthermore, Steiner helps explain the heart-based responsibility one has to all of humanity as demonstrated by Christ – one should come to realize how their personal strivings belong to humanity at large and as such seek to participate in the world by sharing the gifts one cultivates.

Let there be Light

Many descendants of Judeo-Christian belief systems are familiar with the theme of Good and Evil and some are aware of an Angel who was cast out of Heaven named Lucifer. Over time, this entity has been ascribed a variety of evil values and deeds – today many relate Lucifer to Satan or the Devil, among other names. However, to gain a better understanding of how Steiner presents this entity as a working force upon humanity we are well to consider Lucifer in a different light. In the Greek legend of Prometheus, Zeus had condemned humanity to suffer in ignorance without fire after he destroyed their prior civilization. Prometheus, a demi-god, defied the orders of the Father God and shared with humanity fire and intellect so as to improve their lot on Earth. Esoteric researchers, including Steiner, have identified Prometheus as conveying the story of Lucifer. In fact, the name Lucifer means “light bearer” or “shining one”.(6) The original intention of this being was to help humanity. This is a very key concept to come to terms with when contemplating the work of Steiner – nothing is inherently bad or evil, rather context and perception are the determining factors. Lucifer is to be understood as bringing to humanity the roots of imagination, intellect, and Selfhood or inner light, to name just a few aspects of consciousness accredited to this being. Another significant ability brought to humanity by Lucifer, according to Steiner, is the Will – our inspiration to take action in the world. Where these forces or abilities become negative or evil is determined by us, the human being.

Lucifer is considered to be seductive, a spirit of temptation that ultimately seeks to pull humanity away from evolving a consciousness that considers and serves the higher good for all of humanity instead of self-serving base desires. Once an individual human seeks self-aggrandizing over the well-being of another, it can be said they are tending toward the luciferic. Hallucinations and fantastical ideas are also accredited to luciferic influence – the dangers of losing oneself to inner delusions should be apparent. However, we can also see the benefit of having imagination and spiritual knowledge or mystical inclination – through these cognitive abilities we have gained connection to and understanding of the mysteries of the cosmos. It is only in the extreme expression of luciferic properties, such as perception limited to fantasy and purely selfish willing at the expense of others, that they become evil or destructive.

According to esoteric insight relayed by Steiner, Lucifer was most influential upon humanity in ancient times and the luciferic effect can be gleaned by contemplating pagan or Greek culture. In order to do this appropriately, Steiner points out how we must understand that the consciousness of people at this time was quite different from what we currently experience. In ancient times, humanity felt themselves one with the cosmos. They attributed any call to action or idea not as being generated by their own being or thinking, but rather on account of the Gods. For instance, the act of revenge to be taken against an enemy was not motivated by personal thinking and rationale but experienced as the will of the Gods – there was no awareness of personal responsibility or self-actualization of choice. We can come to this understanding through the myths and literature of their day in addition to esoteric and clairvoyant readings offered by the likes of Steiner. Lucifer is credited with imparting to humanity knowledge of the spiritual world and wisdom regarding the workings of the cosmos. This laid the foundation for humanity to begin to differentiate themselves from the cosmos – it was the beginning of independence from the Gods. The ability to “know” the spiritual world provided humanity with profound insight into universal truths, much of which has been lost to our current perception of reality – in general, we no longer “see” beyond the veil of the physical world as our ancestors did. To this day we do not have a clear understanding of how the ancients accomplished feats such as the Great Pyramid or Göbekli Tepe, a 12,000 year old megalithic site recently discovered after being deliberately buried underground around 4,000 years ago.(7) The answers to how our ancestors achieved such monumental accomplishments are likely to be found within luciferic wisdom.

Historically speaking, both within the Bible and according to Steiner’s clairvoyant perception, humanity was presented with a choice to pursue a strictly luciferic path, which if chosen would have led to the end of human evolution upon the Earth. According to Steiner, what made luciferic consciousness dangerous in ancient times was man’s lack of capacity for morals. The deeds of man occurred without moral contemplation, in other words, self-deifying was sought at the expense of humanity as a whole. However, humanity ultimately resisted the temptation to remain purely luciferic and instead, while retaining the gifts of consciousness afforded by Lucifer, acquired the sense of morals necessary to remain on the path of becoming more fully human.

This new impulse toward moral reflection is accredited to the Christ. Interestingly, stories exist all over the world about an Immaculate Conception and subsequent birth of the Son of God who later sacrifices himself for the saving of humanity. The Egyptian story of Isis and Osiris, the Persian’s Mithras, the Hindu’s Krishna, and the Mayan’s Kauil are clear examples. The message is not to be found in the particular details and physical expression of the Christ figure, but rather in the essence of Christ’s consciousness and actions. It is through the act of self-sacrifice as portrayed by Jesus or the Christ that humanity obtains higher consciousness and moves beyond the realm of the self-serving Lucifer. Christ represents Love, not strictly love of the Self or love for the mysteries, but Love of all humanity and the Earth. He illuminates the blessings of earthly, material life while reminding us of our spiritual basis and permanence. In this we see how Christ represents the balancing of spiritual and physical existence. The temptation of Lucifer serves to draw us away from the seemingly mundane aspects of physical life on Earth, promising a fantastical, glittering, and illusory existence beyond the realities of Earth. While humanity at large has resisted this temptation, the Christ reveals another challenge lying in wait – in contrast to spiritual seduction, we are now faced with the seduction of the material realm.

Living in a Material World

In many of Steiner’s lectures he warns of the increasing effect inflicted upon humanity by the entity he refers to as Ahriman. Ahriman is not necessarily a new being, but as the pendulum has swung from left through center, we are quickly approaching the extreme manifestation of the right-sided force identified earlier. As noted, it is when these forces take unbalanced expression that evil has the opportunity to rear its head. While Lucifer can be identified with the extreme expression of spiritualism to the detriment of material life, Ahriman brings to us extreme materialism devoid of spirit.

The ahrimanic impulse makes itself evident in the 15th century minds of Western thinkers such as René Descartes and Francis Bacon; both contributed heavily to the perception of the world and the universe as machine, devoid of spiritual substance or consciousness. Looking back to this historical time period we can see that human thinking, specifically that of westerners, has increasingly dissociated from concern about the laws of the Gods or the spiritual realm while becoming more focused upon the natural, physical laws of Earth and by extrapolation the universe. Ahrimanic influence is intertwined with perceptions of the world as offered through science. The ideas expressed through the likes of Descartes, Bacon, and Isaac Newton were revolutionary – to this day we can credit our modern understanding of the body, the laws of the universe, even economics to this style of thinking. Most significant to this way of perceiving the world is its narrow focus upon the physical – observation and its subsequent body of knowledge is valid only if obtained and demonstrated through the five physical senses with great reliance upon external sight. No longer was man an integral part of the cosmos, a droplet in the ocean of spiritual existence, he had become an independent observer of the world. This independent perception however became colored by the forces of Ahriman which reduced existence to a purely physical dimension – the cosmos had been transformed from the land of the gods into an inert material substance now at the mercy of man and his thoughts.

Near the end of WWI, Steiner presented several lectures regarding Ahriman, warning of his presence in the consciousness of modern man. Ahriman’s increasing influence upon humanity has been evident for hundreds of years, but Steiner predicts an upcoming climax to this crescendo. Just as in the time of Lucifer, we are facing a pivotal moment in the evolution of humanity. Our task is to identify the nature of the force of Ahriman, realize how our perception and experience of the world is shaped by it and most importantly how it, in its unchecked expression, will contribute to our downfall. We are indeed in prophetic times – not only the Bible makes mention of an apocalyptic time matching in description to this day and age, but myths from around the world speak of an impending epoch of destruction. Furthermore, many clairvoyant seers including Steiner relay the gravity of the situation in which we find ourselves.

As described before, physical reality is preceded by consciousness. Undeniably, the state of the physical world is in turmoil – evidence of earthly destruction is everywhere and the tenor of the political realm is downright sinister. If we seek solutions to our plight in the physical realm, we are missing the point. We must look into our consciousness, examine our perception of reality, and see beyond the physical into the realm of the spirit as did our ancestors. Here we will see the lurking forces of Ahriman and Lucifer. Until we become aware of, and indeed remember, how unseen forces shape our perception of what is real, we will fall victim to a destructive illusion. As aptly stated by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, “No one is more of a slave than he who thinks himself free without being so.”

Ahrimanic impulses contribute to the perception of a world devoid of spirit, a world which exists in superficial, quantitative value alone. While Lucifer sought to draw us away from material existence, Ahriman seeks to recreate the natural living world into a cold, controlled, mechanical reproduction. Sound familiar? Steiner attempted to describe the impending manifestation of Ahriman into our physical realm: This entity would be experienced by us in the material plane and offer gifts of expanded cognitive abilities bordering on the clairvoyant. If humanity is to fall for the trap, we will see the end of humanity itself. What Steiner did not have the language to describe in his time is the technology of our present day, and most specifically, artificial intelligence.

Today’s leading entrepreneurs and innovators such as Ray Kurzweil, Elon Musk, and Regina Dugan, imagine a future where man is supplemented by artificially intelligent machinery. Behind the scenes of mainstream knowledge, huge strides have been made in the realm of technology and we are well on our way to a transhumanist existence. We are offered the benefits of security, convenience, and knowledge through our technological devices which are becoming smaller and more wearable by the day. Indeed, many humans have already accepted microchipping by their employer for the simple convenience of purchasing food in the cafeteria.(8)  The technologists of today not only want to sell us technological conveniences, but they are convinced that the human mind, here on account of the physical evolution of matter alone, is inferior to the intelligence capable by machinery – humans can look forward to literally becoming integrated with a computer in order to access superior thinking and virtual reality, among other seemingly superhuman powers.(9)

While this may seem a great idea to some, when we realize that the thinking and innovations of today result from a consciousness completely empty of spirit or awareness of consciousness beyond the five-senses, we can see that the world we are being offered is a trap, an illusion where the totality of the world exists in the material dimension alone, thoughts generated from the non-living are superior to the creative capacities of the human, and relationships are meaningless if not non-existent. They key to our salvation may lie in remembering material is secondary to consciousness. Technology can only exist within the material plane and is incapable of embodying or recreating life. Only life can create life – life is much more than the stacking of material building blocks. The hijacking of the human body by artificial intelligence is the extreme manifestation of Ahriman, and indeed we could hardly consider ourselves human with thoughts not of our own making.

What has been described here is the hell upon earth awaiting us should we be incapable of identifying ahrimanic thinking and its destructive effects. While the idea of becoming fused with machine may be repulsive and a clear boundary not to cross, becoming sensitive to the less extreme manifestations of ahrimanic thought will help guide us toward the balancing of the scale. Any time we participate in thinking that does not involve creative reflection by the Self or Ego, we are under the influence of Ahriman. This may be a very difficult concept to grasp considering how deep we are in the well. In order to break free of the isolating clutch of the ahrimanic impulse, we must put our Self back into the equation of our observations. We do not exist out of relationship to the world – we are mutually shaped by and give shape to the world through our perception and participation. The world as we know it does not exist without us. The material realm that we perceive with our five-senses is the unique expression of our thoughts. A world based upon ahrimanic thought will be a world in which nature becomes obsolete and is supplanted by machine, as conveyed in futuristic movies such as Blade Runner or The Matrix. Should we awake from our slumber and desire a different reality, one in which we are balanced and in relationship with nature and the cosmos, we must consciously seek and take hold of our individual thoughts, our creativity, and actively bring them into the light of the world.

Moving Beyond the Illusion

The beauty of Steiner’s presentation of Lucifer, Christ, and Ahriman is it supplies yet another lens through which to observe the three-fold reality of the human being. So often we find ourselves stuck within dualistic thinking which creates artificial divisions between ourselves and the world. When locked within the dynamics of polarity, black and white, right and wrong, male and female, our understanding and experience of the world becomes severely limited. When we take the third path and realize that we exist within the balance of polarity, we place ourselves back in the seat of personal power. Becoming a true observer, inviting both a material and spiritual perspective within, might be the single most important action we can take in these times.

As we begin to relook at what is happening in our world through spiritual eyes, we may find that much of what we hold dear is in fact part of the illusion – our identity, status, material comforts, even our concept of what is real. We must be willing to let go of that which is not in service to humanity and the higher Self, to wrestle our consciousness and thoughts from the grip of lower forces. We are led to believe that we live in a world of chaos where events and happenings are separate and unconnected to anything or anyone, a world where we have no individual power or influence – our greatest hope is for a convenient, comfortable life absent of the stresses of individual thought or creation. We have been shaped into empty consumers; our thinking compartmentalized, determined and sold to us by the efficient, mechanistic institutions of our day. In order to see the elephant in the room, the force that is shaping us into a lifeless clone of humanity, we must awaken to a reality that lies beyond our five-sense perception. Steiner has much to offer us in this respect. Now more than ever could we benefit from the insight he brings through the practice of what he refers to as spiritual science. Instead of placing ourselves at the mercy of the never-ceasing torrents of polarity that by their nature will pummel us into unconsciousness, we must realize our rightful place as the eye of the hurricane. We are the creators of this realm, the forces of Lucifer and Ahriman to be held in check by the power of divine human consciousness.

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Sara Garsha.  Raised in a military family, Sara developed deep roots within herself and the courage to pursue an array of experiences throughout her adult life. After initiating her formal education at Wellesley College, she finalized her degree in Environmental, Cultural, and Gender Studies at the Evergreen State College in Washington State. Her strong draw to the innate wisdom of the body led to certification in massage therapy based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sara also travelled to Thailand to deepen her massage therapy studies and broadened her expertise to maternal health. She became a birth mentor through Pam England’s Birthing From Within program and later developed a postpartum course for mothers to help navigate the immense spiritual, emotional, and mental implications of motherhood. Sara was first introduced to Steiner through a local Waldorf school while attending Evergreen, which led her to complete a Foundations in Waldorf Education program through Antioch University. She is fascinated by Steiner’s concepts regarding Ahriman and Lucifer, believing them to illuminate the cause of the most pressing issues of our time. Sara resides in Alaska with her husband and two children while enduring her latest adventure in homeschooling.

Artist Circle

In a Cavern Under the Earth

By Andrew Linnell derived from Goethe’s Fairy Tale The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily

Artist: David Newbatt, detail: Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily

As you read this, keep in the back of your mind the MysTech Conferences. Here is an English translation of Goethe’s Fairy Tale:

With astonishment and reverence, the Green Snake looked up into a cavern she had not before noticed. She could see a statue of an august King formed of pure Gold. In size the figure was beyond the stature of man, but by its shape it seemed the likeness of a little rather than a tall person. His handsome body was encircled with an unadorned mantle and a garland of oak bound his hair together. Upon entering the large cavern under the earth, the Snake at once perceived that there were three other kingly figures standing upright in the four corners. Besides a Golden King, there was a Silver King, a Bronze King, and in the fourth corner a Mixed King who was put together in the gayest manner of all kinds of metals.

By entering the cavern, the Snake unknowingly illuminated all four figures.

The Golden King asked the Snake: ‘Whence comest thou?’

The Snake answered, ‘From the crevices, where the gold lives.’

‘What is more splendid than gold?’ asked the Golden King.

‘Light,’ was the Snake’s reply.

The King asked further: ‘What is more comforting than Light?’

‘Conversation’ was the Snakes reply that resounded in the cavern.

As soon as the Snake fully entered the cavern, a crack opened in the underground Temple where the four Kings lived. Through the crack entered an Old Man with the Lamp. He was of middle stature, dressed like a peasant, and carried in his hand a little Lamp, on whose still flame one liked to look, and which in a strange manner, without casting any shadow, enlightened the whole domed cavern.

The Silver King asked him, ‘Why have you come at this moment?’

The Old Man remarked, ‘Do you not know that my lamp may illumine only what is already illuminated? I may not lighten the Darkness!’ You see, only after this Snake had lit up the objects in this room, was I also able come in with my wonder-working Lamp.

Now a conversation took place between the Kings and the Old Man with the Lamp.

The Old Man was asked, ‘How many secrets do you know?’

‘Three,’ he answered.

‘Which is the most important?’ asked the Silver King.

‘The open one,’ replied the Old Man.

‘Will you open it also to us?’ asked the Bronze King.

‘As soon as I know the Fourth.’

There was penetrating silence that froze the cavern.

‘I know the Fourth,’ said the Snake. He whispered something into the Old Man’s ear whereupon he cried out with a great voice, ‘The time is at hand!’

Truly, although it was in 1830, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote this for us to effectively deal with our Technological Age. Our 2022 conference has decided to renew conversation by having it be in-person (as well as online).

Of this fairy tale, Rudolf Steiner offered these words, “Everybody prepares himself for contributing his part so that the harmonious resolution can take place. The will-o’-the-wisps have to open the temple; however, they cannot find the way to the temple. The dead young man and the body of the bird are carried off, the snake spreads about the river; when they all are over this bridge, it agrees to sacrifice itself.

“All events are changed due to the sacrifice of the snake. The ancient wisdom once worked in all religions which were given to humanity by initiates. The religions brought refreshment to the souls which joined them vividly. The old man sinks to the west; he goes to the realm of the human beings. The snake, the intellect, which strives for enlightenment, sinks to the east, because from the east the spiritual light of the sun always shines bringing knowledge to the human soul.

“The temple resounded, the metal statues sounded, this is a picture of the soul condition that takes the principles of the spiritual world upon itself by the sacrifice. In devachan everything sounds, expresses its being in sounds.”

Sound. Sound is a frequent topic in this year’s conference. We hope you add your voice to the work of MysTech and participate in this year’s conference.

For More Information and to Sign Up Visit: 


MysTech Study Guidebooks

Newly Updated and Available Soon

Coming soon (hopefully by the end of August), the 4th edition of all of the existing study guidebooks will be available through Seattle’s Threefold Publishing. This Anthroposophical publishing house has printed books by Harrie Salmon and others. The study guides will be available for purchase through Rudolf Steiner Bookstore, for shipping to addresses in the USA or Canada and worldwide via Amazon. 

Look for online study groups beginning in September, link to: . These are eye-opening and beloved by participants. The list of new editions of the study guidebooks is:

First Course (Beginners) link to:

Second Course (Intermediates) link to:

Third Course (NEW!)

Light and Electricity link to:

Destiny of the Human Body:

Refined Breathing:

Also, ready for August will be the new edition of the First Course in German. Karola Thurman has done this translation and we greatly appreciate her work. There will be a German-speaking study group led by Beatrix Hatchel beginning the first week of September. There will be English-speaking study groups for all of the above. Sign up for one (or more) at MysTech Study Courses –, link to:

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