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Artist Gia Bibileishvili: Awaking of Kashiapa*

Newsletter on the Mysteries of Technology

Dear Friends,

As I write this introduction to the 6th edition of our newsletter, it is halfway through Holy week leading up to Easter.  Holy Wednesday, as it was described during Christ’s time, is a day of relative peace, a respite from an already stormy week, a calmness that one would pass through in the eye of a hurricane. Fast forward to today, and I sense this same feeling, the mighty storm getting ready to unleash its power upon us all once again.

In my morning meditative work, I found myself thinking upon the events that Christ lived through each of the seven days of Passion Week as reflection of our current times. On Palm Sunday we have the momentary euphoria of the people during Christ’s entrance into Jerusalem. The conflict of reality that came to the money changers as Christ overturned their tables at the temple. The questioning of truth by groups of people that came at Christ on Tuesday. The betrayal of Christ by his own disciple on Thursday, followed by the condemnation of Jesus Christ on Friday, and finally His death on the cross.  We might note, however, that though Wednesday was calm on the surface, it was on that day that Judas negotiated his secret contract with Caiaphas the High Priest and presiding judge of the Sanhedrin court that condemned Jesus.

Today, politicians, authority figures, and the media work together to induce states of euphoria in the population, usually when specific outcomes are needing to be achieved. But those who create conflict against the euphoria – those who dare to challenge the authorities – are swiftly attacked and condemned.

Like the Pharisee’s of Jerusalem, the ones during Christ’s time, who held the social order of the masses and directed their beliefs for profit and power, there are now the Elites of the world who want to forge a new society that is orderly, profitable and purposeful for their own ends. We watch on as the elite class battle it out for the world’s wealth like mighty gods of ancient Greece.  At times, we are mere spectators, at others, pawns in their fight – shunned, or in some cases punished, if we do not bless their every cause.

In the role of spectator, we are confronted with lies, confusion, frustration, conflict, condemnation then a sort of death, till the next cycle begins.  This exhausting cycle goes on and on unless one accepts the reality given or one breaks the cycle.  Those who accept, will live within a reality manufactured and tailored for maximum euphoria. Like Palm Sunday they will revel in the moment but for all times. Those who resist – those who choose to break the cycle – must with all their courage stand firm against living in this manufactured reality.  Stand firm in the universal truth of their existence. This one should do in service of humanity even unto death, for it is through one’s own individual Passion that one can break the bonds which keep the body and mind chained to sub-nature.  Our future, as human beings, depends upon breaking those bonds.  Our success will lead to the resurrection of the future body.

“We are not here for ourselves alone; we are here for the sake of the universe” -Rudolf Steiner

The above quote is our motto for this year’s MysTech Conference and reminds us that our purpose is expansive, not contractive. We are not meant to be encased in material matter forever whether that be in virtual reality or traveling amongst the stars in space ships. Our path is non material, supra nature and universal. The resurrection of Christ at Easter was to affirm that this is our future, our truth and our light that guides our way always.

With Easter Blessing,

Frank Dauenhauer
Managing Director, CFAE
Center for Anthroposophical Endeavors

*Awaking of Kashiapa, oil on Wood.  Related to the theme of Easter.  Refers to two lectures titled “Spiritual bells of Easter” where Steiner talks about the legend of the eastern sage, Kashiapa, Buddha’s greatest disciple who after attaining the state of Nirvana, left his body in the cave, where it remains un-corrupted and awaiting its resurrection through the future Maitreya Buddha. It is a beautiful and sacred legend so I dedicated my work to it. RS explains that it will be the Risen Christ’s cosmic fire with which Maitreya will transport Kashiapa’s body in the future.

Disclaimer:  No one has tried to ascertain The Opinion(s) of MysTech. We don’t know how to do that. Thus, as authors, we often express opinions especially when our writing deals with current events.

Ahriman's Advent in the Transhuman Era

Elana Freeland

Image: The Meditation Room at the United Nations Building, N.Y.

Few esoterically minded realize that the United Nations (UN) has a “one world religion department” run by a strange crossbreed of Theosophy and paganism-Satanism known as the Lucis Trust. At their website under “The Electric Bridge,” I was shocked to read what I call deep propaganda that possibly only an anthroposophist would catch, namely a concerted effort to re-define divine light (æther, ether) as electricity:

Beneath the surface of the information and communications revolution, an arcane process is at work with tremendous implications for humanity’s future. In the digital circuits on which the Internet, computers and cellular phones all rely, electricity is made to run through the circuitry pattern on a silicon chip performing an ordered, repetitive dance – the rudiments of ceremony and ritual. Electricity is the life force of Divinity, and the harnessing and directing of electrical behavior is all part of the Divine Plan.

Carefully crafted subliminals like arcane (understood by few, mysterious or secret) and electricity moving as “an ordered, repetitive dance” for “ceremony and ritual” culminate in the claim that electricity is “the life force of Divinity,” the divinity surely being Lucifer or Ahriman. Electricity may be the “life force” of Ahriman, but not of life. Rudolf Steiner in 1924:

Electricity, once and for all, is not intended to work into the realm of the living . . . Electricity is at a lower level than that of living things. Whatever is alive – the higher it is, the more it will tend to ward off electricity.

Electric currents and ionized and nonionized radiation influence all that is human, impacting not just the body but one’s human inner life.

In the midst of electricity, people will no longer be able to understand the news which they receive so rapidly. The effect is to damp down their intelligence.

If the concept of subnature electricity replaces the concept of authentic divine etheric light in our minds, what will happen to our thought forms?

The term æther—now unsuccessfully dubbed “dark matter”—was banned by Western scientism in the 1920s, despite the fact that it is the foundation of all electrical manifestations, and of matter itself, given that etheric force permeates all of space and is, according to the great ether scientist John Worrell Keely (1837-1898), “the primal force or will-power of Nature … the breath of life which God breathed into man’s nostrils at the creation of the world—the motion of the spirit on the face of the waters, the wave motion of the brain.” Helena P. Blavatsky (1831-1891), founder of the Theosophical Society, praised Keely and ether, which of course flies in the face of UN Theosophists who are pushing the idea that “the harnessing and directing of electrical behavior is all part of the Divine Plan.”

Could “electrical behavior” refer to genetically altered Transhumans remotely run through brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) by artificial intelligence (AI)?

Thirty years of geoengineering have blotted out the divine cosmos—the Sun, moon, planets, and stars—with chemically and electromagnetically engineered weather that produces an endless dusty plasma cloud cover while smearing our atmosphere with conductive nanometals, nanosensors, and other nanotechnology we must breathe in. Our food and water table absorb it. Add the wireless electromagnetics that the Fourth Industrial Revolution cannot do without and note how our pineal gland is atrophying, the magical “third eye” doorway to the spiritual world. Now, inoculations loaded with nanotechnology like graphene oxide (GO) are coupling our bodies to remote 5G / 6G systems run by AI algorithms.

This weaponized environmental approach to mind-soul control began 75 years ago with the CIA’s 149 mind control projects under MK-Ultra. Hypnosis, drugs, and pain induction in hospitals and military settings have now graduated to wireless “no-touch torture” and remote programming of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors anywhere at any time, thanks to our ionized atmosphere and Space Fence infrastructure above and on the Earth as well as in our bodies and brains, needing only satellite triangulation with the 5G / 6G Internet of Nano Things (IoNT) and Internet of Bodies (IoB).

This epigenetic approach to mind-soul control aka human control began decades before the present inoculation assault. From Geoengineered Transhumanism:

In the Smart City environment that has been epigenetically prepared by chemicals, electromagnetics, and nanotechnology for AI control, natural human health, physical and mental, is at an all-time low, as the ancient immune system struggles with what has been intentionally bioengineered to weaken and sneak around it for Transhumanist synbio transformation.

How shall we who practice what Rudolf Steiner has taught us meet this latest Ahrimanic challenge in the Age of Machines? Who could have foreseen that Ahriman’s army would be tiny nanobots that would entrench in our very cells, tissues, and brains, electromagnetically listening for the remote electromagnetic voice riding in on 5G / 6G transmissions from AI headquarters as to their latest in vivo mission?

As Lucis Trust extols electricity and Lucifer as the enlightened “world religion,” discounting the actual divine light and life force, a chemical / electromagnetic / nanotechnology shroud is dropped over us even as it penetrates our physical and subtle bodies. Ahriman’s incarnation is announced by the genetic transhumanization of our God-given bodies. What it will mean for our souls remains to be seen. More than ever, the quality of our Christ-filled inner life, our living consciousness, must make a courageous stand to prove to the spiritual world that we are worthy of its love and guidance.

Elana Freeland has been deeply engaged with anthroposophy since 1977 and was a trained Waldorf teacher for 16 years. She is the author of a geoengineering trilogy that details what the challenge of geoengineering really is, the latest book being Geoengineered Transhumanism: How the Environment Has Been Weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetism & Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology, 2021.

Imaginative Meditation as Antidote and Healing Force in our Technological Times

Julia Perez

Image: Russion Icon of Washing the Feet

In the Easter season, it is especially appropriate to approach the topic of technology with our Michaelic thinking. Why is this the case? We know from our individual studies that living forms have esoteric archetypes behind them. Look deeply at an unfolding crocus or daffodil. One can see holy week within it! The six petalled form is really a gathering of three pairs, with the Sun force as its seventh balancing middle. Can you also see the subtle inner grouping of three jubilant shepherds or the outer grouping of three wise kings in this first blossom of your garden? What about the tall standing golden pistil? Why is this form connected with resurrection processes?

In the popular lecture “The Work of The Angel in Man’s Astral Body”, Steiner reminds us that the stage of Imagination or “thinking in pictures” is the exact antidote to a world in which technology can become misleading or worse yet, lull us into a sleepy passive dream. However, if we vigorously penetrate the etheric forces within a plant to some degree (which includes the physical/spiritual structure as well as the movement of fluids within it) we can use this same knowledge to resurrect the dead nature of the mineral. Our mineral then becomes alive and well, a healing balm and remedy for both an individual human body, or for the body of the earth if applied appropriately. It is a small sacrifice on our part to meditate in this way and weave our way into the light filled realm of the plant kingdom, but this dedicated activity is an enormous gift to the spiritual world and gently supports the process which Christ initiated with the offering of his physical body at the time of the Mystery of Golgotha.

“The anthroposophist must play his part in watching out for the signs of the times. A very great deal is happening all the time in the evolution of the world and it is incumbent upon men, particularly the men of our own time, to acquire a real understanding of what is going on in the evolutionary process in which they themselves are placed.”

What does Steiner really mean by saying we need to think in pictures? Can each of us in our own quiet spaces find new ways of bringing forth healing images? In the drawing below we can trace the microcosmic/macrocosmic journey of a human being through the planetary spheres. We will start with death and work our way toward new life. If you imagine yourself entering right into the realm of the flowers at Easter time then it will feel natural and appropriate. You yourself step into a daffodil in the spring. You are surrounded by the golden petals and the sunlight filters through the substance above and below and all around you. The first petal is the moon sphere with its qualities of brilliance, reflectivity, and also a sense of calming coolness. Next one can pass readily to Mercury (quicksilver) with its strong droplet forming principle which invites constant movement and change, pure fluidity. From Mercury we can pass to Venus and absorb sound in a new form. We become listeners in the highest sense, tuned in to our copper warmth, without any need to speak or utter any of our own content. Next one must journey straight into the middle of the flower where we see the pistil of the daffodil. Here we are literally in the realm of the honeybee. The pollen hangs off of each of the six stamen that surround us. We have a sense of complete balance, a resting place from the polarities of the other planetary influences as we are now in the sun sphere, represented by the metal gold.

After refreshing ourselves within the halfway point, we take up our spiritual luggage and pass unto the petal representing Mars which is the partner of Venus. On Mars (iron) we become aware of movement all around us and we find our own speaking voice in a new way. Passing from mars to Jupiter we encounter ourselves as a great thinker, organizer and potential conductor of various processes of development (metal affiliation is tin). Lastly, we pass to Saturn at the outer limit of the planetary spheres and as such, a gateway to the influences of the fixed stars. Saturn is protective, soft and dense, similar to the qualities of lead. One eventually steps out and up, beyond the planets and becomes engaged with a being that presents itself as the Son of Man. This being is so full and radiant that we become fully immersed within it for some length of time. Eventually we turn again to our own being and immediately discern that we ourselves are so small in relation to The Son of Man that we can only form the distinct impression that we must immediately try again and come back to deal with our countless errors and improve ourselves. And, so begins the incarnation path back to earth along the same way that we came up.  

Most of you are aware of the beautiful indications given by Steiner for the Rose Cross Meditation. If one works with this consistently for a long time there begins to appear a strong relationship to the four Archangels and the seasons they represent. Each Archangel takes up a position at the outer limit of the four beams of the world cross. The Archangels pass a golden vessel between them from one beam of the cross to another, creating a pure channel of warmth and light that is never interrupted. This is a spiritual reality that is undeniable. Every human being can keep coming back to this picture (or perhaps the careful processes underlying the picture) as a source of nourishment. If we take this up modestly, knowing full well our own many inadequacies, we can gradually assist the work of the Angel within our own astral body and so become good helpers in service to the radiant being of the etheric Christ.

Julia Perez is a student of anthroposophy with a special interest in how one can help humanity evolve through entering into healing artistic processes. Julia began working with anthroposophy in 1988 through attending youth group studies at Camphill Copake community in the Berkshires. Julia has worked as an early childhood educator, massage therapist, and hospice volunteer. Julia also enjoys transforming tired buildings into joyful spaces alongside her husband Daniel Perez, a fellow spiritual scientist and colleague since Waldorf Highschool.

Artist Circle

Form Drawing

with Laura Embrey

“O Most High Creator, help humanity bring to birth in our hearts and souls, true agape, love for all human kind regardless of nationality, race, gender, or creed!”

In light of current world events, drawing and tracing this form as part of our daily practice seems important. The more of us who send this prayerful message to the spiritual world, the more powerful it will be to effect change for the good!

Laura Embrey has both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley. She has taught both in public and private schools, Waldorf and non-Waldorf. She has published seven form drawing books and one novel.  She lives with her partner, David Wiant, and her two cats in Fair Oaks, CA.
To find out more about Laura’s work visit her website:

CFAE Media


Current Affairs

The Metaverse, The Great Reset (in the Post-Corona World), and the Causes and Consequences of the War in Ukraine:  these are the topics to-date covered on CFAE Media the newest project of the Center for Anthroposophical Endeavors. Along with it’s first full featured podcast “Under the Stars with Ed Conroy“, CFAE Media has now released a new series called Current Affairs.

Current Affairs is about the immediate issues facing people today, from local to global and spiritual.  Speakers are individuals with expertise and unique perspectives on current events, who also offer a working knowledge in the science of the spirit.  Here you will find the anthroposophical perspective applied to current events in a way you may have been longing for after listening to countless hours of mainstream repetition of corporate and governmental “news announcements” devoid of any spiritual content. 

Steiner warned of a future where Ahriman would reign through the power of technology, attempting to control the evolution of consciousness by trapping it in the realm of the material.  What will it mean for humanity when young people who have grown up immersed in social media are enticed down the path to “the Metaverse”?   The “Metaverse” is the promised product of Meta which has superseded Facebook and will soon offer forms of virtual reality.  If you have not heard about the vision of Facebook’s executives who want to “help the reality impoverished” people of the world by offering them happiness in the virtual world, you will want to listen to Boyd Collins explain what is on the horizon. (Trapped in the Metaverse)  Boyd is a technology expert with 30 years of experience in the development of “web applications”, similar to the basis of on-line environments such as the Metaverse.  He speaks the language of Silicon Valley and is able to understand the direction and intentions active in that realm, seeing it through the lens of decades of spiritual work.

Steiner also spoke of the important future role of the Central European and Russian peoples for the evolution of human consciousness.  Can this thought illuminate the machinations of the German-born Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum?  And what about the recent outbreak of war in the heartland of Ukraine led by one of Schwab’s protégés, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin?  Harrie Salman, a Dutch philosopher, social scientist and deep anthroposophist has written and spoken about Schwab’s globalist and transhumanist vision which underpins the so-called “Great Reset”.  This image, akin to pushing the power button on a computer to clear its working memory, is basically a public relations sales pitch aimed at moving the world to embrace a “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.  Such an ideological shift is linked to the Ahrimanic way of understanding the human being as a biochemical machine.  Approached from this perspective, will humanity be seduced by the idea that the physical body – gift of the hierarchies – can be “improved” using genetic modification and other ultra-modern technologies?  Will the world willingly accept the looming “Health Dictatorship” which could impede development of the “free-ness” toward which Steiner pointed as the necessary prerequisite for the unfolding of love? Listen to Harrie discuss his book: The Great Reset and its Health Dictatorship in an interview with Ed Conroy: Under the Stars with Ed Conroy, Podcast 1

With the penetrating insight of a true spiritual scientist, Harrie Salman not only wakes us up to the threats of centralized technocratic control, as envisioned by global economic leaders, he also helps us to better understand the Causes and Consequences of the War in Ukraine.  With his help, we are able to see how these crises are linked and to appreciate his conclusion that: “We need to understand the need for inner work, as well as outer work.  We must understand that there is evil in ourselves and transform it.  When we do, we do something to help the fallen angels.  They recover their original quality when we overcome evil in ourselves.  The salvation of the fallen angels depends upon human beings.  This takes place in communities where anthroposophists support each other.” 

Available at the website:, the presentations are free and can be watched without signing up.  CFAE Media endeavors to offer the broadest range of engaging and inspiring content that confirms the spiritual potential of the human being as its guiding principle.


  • Eastern Europe and the Spirits of Personality: Ukraine Caught in the Conflict of Eastern and Western Ideologies
  • UFO Phenomenon: In the light of Spiritual Science
  • Geoengineering and the coming Transhumanism
  • Wounded Knee and the healing of a Nation


MysTech's 5th Annual Conference

August 11 – 13th, 2022

Live and In-Person in Issaquah, WA

Consciousness, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

“We are not here for ourselves alone; we are here for the sake of the universe” -Rudolf Steiner

Hosted by Eastside Community School, Steiner Inspired. Issaquah, WA.

Please join us for this year’s exciting hybrid conference, both live and online, where we’ll dive deep into technology, spiritual science, and our present and future challenges before us. Our lineup of speakers is once again phenomenal and the best to present the following:

  • An understanding of where technology lies within our spiritual roots.
  • The paths before us; the devolution or evolution of Humanity.
  • Technology and its consequences on life and the environment.
  • Consciousness and our place in the universe in contrast to sub-nature.

Education is our mission. Technologies developed out of deep spiritual research is our goal. This conference will be an event you won’t want to miss. Join us in person and meet with the presenters and your peers. Form lasting relationships and further the work of moral technology through newly formed collaborations. Join us online with an expanded program that will surely be of great benefit. Be a part of the conversation just as if you were there.

More information will be forthcoming.

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