The Spiritual Destiny of North America – Part 2 NEW

In this second webinar, we will explore the relationship of the three occultisms (eugenic, hygienic and mechanical) to the beings of Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel respectively and the way in which Michael is seeking to work with these beings, through us, to bring about a healthy expression of these three occultisms. This will open a doorway to a recognition of the special role that the Archangel Uriel plays in the destiny of North America, and will allow us to examine the signature of Uriel in the history and present-day life of America. On this basis we will explore Uriel’s archetypal way of working in the human soul, which is so essential to root anthroposophy on this continent, and to create a foundation for the unfolding of those healthy social and economic forms, as well as etheric and moral technologies for which our culture is so hungry.

MysTech Webinar Series
MysTech Webinar Series
The Spiritual Destiny of North America - Part 2 NEW


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