Exploring Resonance: Uniting the Spiritual and Physical Through Art

Art is more than just a form of expression. It’s a window into the soul, a bridge between the spiritual and the physical, and a tool for understanding the world around us. In a recent conversation with Michael Howard, a renowned artist and educator, we explored the concept of ‘Resonance’ and its role in connecting the spiritual and physical realms through art.

Michael Howard Interview

Howard’s approach to art goes beyond techniques and styles. He focuses on the inner capacities that we develop when engaging in artistic activities. He believes that these capacities can help us understand how to work toward a more spiritualized form of technology, a concept that Rudolf Steiner and Paul Emerson have explored.

One of the key points Howard touched upon was the relationship between the left and right hemispheres of the brain and how they relate to our artistic and technological capacities. He suggests that while the left hemisphere is associated with the development of modern day technology, the right hemisphere and the interaction between the two hemispheres are where the arts reside. This understanding can help us balance our overreliance on technology and nurture our human capacities more holistically.

But the crux of Howard’s exploration lies in the theme of ‘resonance.’ He delves into the moral qualities of color and form, as discussed by Goethe and Steiner, and how through these qualities, we can learn to live consciously and work with etheric forces. This approach to art can help us develop more spiritualized forms of technology.

Howard’s insights are not just theoretical; they are deeply rooted in practical examples and personal experiences. His work and teachings offer a fresh perspective on the role of art in our lives and how it can help us navigate the increasingly technologically-driven world.

We are excited to announce that Michael Howard will be a speaker at the upcoming Mystech Conference 2023, where he will further explore these topics. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a master and gain a deeper understanding of the intersection of art, spiritual science, and technology.

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  1. As an advance promo, this was great, and definitely enough to get me in! The topic is cutting-edge, and raises many questions.

    I had lots of questions, but await the Mystech session for the chance to explore these further.

    One huge issue for me: when Mr howard speaks of “we” and “our” in relation to left-brain/right-brain functioning, he is speaking to men only, since women are wired the other way around.

    This leads in to the questionable and Persisting male-focussed orientation of current Anthroposophical endeavours. Your discourse is excellent, and relates to Your own inner feminine. But who are you, in relation to the entirety of the human race? You are a man, representing somewhat less than half of the human Race. So, Sorry, but women have an inner masculine! We are not the same, and we do not operate in the same way as you do.

    So, Mr Howard, how does your analysis relate to woman as subject? This is the challenge i wish to raise in advance of your Presentation at the Mystech Conference 2023.