The Symphony of Creation: Exploring Cymatics and Etheric Formative Forces with Ralf Tita

Art, science, and spirituality often seem like separate realms, but what if they’re more interconnected than we think? What if the key to understanding the universe lies in the intersection of these fields?

In a recent conversation with Ralf Tita, an engineer and researcher from Germany, we delved into the fascinating world of Cymatics and the investigation of etheric formative forces.

Ralf Tita Interview:

Ralf’s work focuses on the study of sound and its effects on matter, a field known as Cymatics. He explores how sound shapes matter and how these phenomena can provide insights into the fundamental forces of creation.

Ralf’s research is not just theoretical; it’s deeply rooted in practical experiments and personal experiences. His work offers a fresh perspective on the role of sound in our lives and how it can help us understand the world around us in a more profound way.

We are excited to announce that Ralf Tita will be a speaker at the upcoming Mystech Conference 2023, where he will further explore these topics. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a master and gain a deeper understanding of the intersection of sound, matter, and spirituality.

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  1. I expected a full article, and what came to me were almost the same short introduction which I read in your e-mail.
    Is this a trick to get participants for the conference?

      1. Ralf, Enjoyed the introductory interview. I’d be interested in reading more about the connection between the physical material as it is shaped by vibration and the Entities occupying the various Etheric levels- how they broadcast their ideas in a way that causes a vibration with resultant patterns in physical space time. Have you learned anything about how this process might have led to the earliest forms of self replicating life- bacteria Do you think this process involving the Logos- the “Word” was used through out the evolutionary process to design different kinds of plants, animals, colors, feathers etc.?

  2. many years Ago, at an A conference, I witnessed an demonstration exploring the form-creating harmonics inherent in vibrations from a Violin, also on water with sprinkled particles. of course it was not in a vacuum, however, the demonstration you described appears to be demonstrating similar structural properties, both showing creating formative forces AKA Etheric forces exhibited in sound; very likely suggestive of one super sensible foundation to physical life. thank you for sharing.