Spiritual Science, Daemons, and Elementals

Image: Busy Little Gnomes, D.R. Dauenhauer

When we think of inanimate objects, machines, nature, or the animal kingdom, we don’t readily think of the elemental world. Yet, there behind all these things we use or see around us, are impressed upon by Elemental Beings. But, this world of Beings is not a singular, fixed world. This world is influenced and moves in accordance to circumstance of outside influences. There are many different realms of Elemental Beings that, if understood, could be used for good or evil. Only, to not know the working of these beings today, is to leave them subject to forces working counter to our own wellbeing.

Watch this free video from the MysTech Conference 2020 where presenter Are Thoresen, Veterinarian, trained in acupuncture, homeopathy, and anthroposophical medicine, and author of over 25 papers and ten books, expertly walks us through the following:

  • How are we to understand these beings in our environment and within ourselves?
  • What are the different realms that these Beings live in?
  • How do they impress upon the material world?
  • How are we to think and feel about these beings that will help them and us?
  • And much more.

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