MysTech Newsletter: Christmas Issue 2023

First and Second Goetheanum by Mirko Luccini

Newsletter for the Mysteries of Technology

Technology and Art: Their Bearing on Modern Culture

Everybody is obliged to undergo the battle; in its effects it is experienced by everybody. There would be no greater fallacy than to say: We must rebel against what technical science has brought to us in modern life, we must protect ourselves from Ahriman, we must withdraw from this modern life. In a certain respect such an attitude would be an indication of spiritual cowardice. The real remedy lies not in allowing the forces of the soul to weaken and to withdraw from modern life, but in so strengthening these forces that its pandemonium can be endured. World-karma demands a courageous attitude to modern life, and that is why genuine Spiritual Science calls at the very outset for effort, really strenuous effort on the part of the human soul.


MysTech sponsors monthly webinars typically on a Sunday. Recordings of these webinars can be found here. This past autumn our guest speakers have included:


You Are Designed to Achieve Enlightenment

With Robert McKay

Robert showed that we humans are designed to achieve enlightenment over many incarnations, provided we are trying to be a good person. We are all on the slow and gentle-as-it-can-be path of karma and reincarnation. Through anthroposophical meditation, we can accelerate this natural developmental process. The anthroposophical path begins with everyday experience. Robert described what Rudolf Steiner showed as to how to activate latent forces in each of us that accelerate our developmental processes.


Developing a Hygienic Occultism

With Mieke Mosmuller

Mieke spoke to us about Developing a Hygienic Occultism that leads to new forms of healing as evolution progresses. We humans are a work in progress. We are the awesome, daring project for which the gods strive and bleed. They continue to build us up according to an astounding design. There are hindrances and there is a goal, a specific purpose. Each epoch in evolution is new for all beings involved.


Social Threefolding in an Age of AI

With Chris Roszell

Chris Roszell, spoke about steps that we can take today towards a future whereby funds from the Economic Sphere can flow to the Cultural Sphere (as part of Threefolding). In the webinar, Chris spoke about a new charitable search engine that is offered to help facilitate the movement of funds to support social threefolding. It aims to help model concepts like ‘gift money’ generation with Steinarian ‘transparency’ using open source software. Please feel free to share feedback through the homepage and/or help support in seeking to further facilitate social threefolding. This is an effort towards helping society and humanity in seeking to address the challenges of AI technology in our time.”


The House of the Word Becomes the Word

With Andrew Wolpert

Andrew Wolpert spoke about the Foundation Stone Meditation that Rudolf Steiner laid into the hearts of those present at the Christmas Conference of 1923. Andrew expressed how we can open our hearts to this living meditation. Using metamorphosis, he showed how the First Goetheanum has become our Foundation Stone Meditation.

Upcoming Webinars


The Spiritual Destiny of North America: Uriel and the Mystery of the Three Occultisms

With Robert Karbelnikoff (Karp) M.Ed.

  • Does the Archangel Uriel have a special connection with North America and with the development of mechanical occultism?
  • Is there a Parzival mystery embedded in the physical and etheric geography of North America?
  • How can we cultivate the new etheric heart forces and capacities which can help us to awaken and embody the good spirit of America?
  • Is there a relationship between the three occultisms and the threefold social order?

These are just a few of the questions that we will explore in this two-part webinar that will bring together over 30 years of research I have conducted into the spiritual character and destiny of North America.

In the first webinar, building on the pioneering spiritual research of Frederich Benesch and Robert Patterson, we will seek to penetrate to an understanding of the spiritual geography of North America, encompassing the mighty forces of both good and evil that are at work on this continent. We will explore the way the soul forces, the elemental beings and spirits of place work here, and the ways in which this knowledge can help us bring healing to our troubled social and ecological landscapes. Gradually, we will work toward an understanding of the mystery of the center, the “failed rift zone” of America’s heartland, where the Grail and Arthurian streams of the continent flow together and where the forces of anthroposophy, according to Rudolf Steiner, concentrate themselves and then ray out over the entire continent. How can we serve and protect this “woman clothed with the sun” ever more consciously?

In the second webinar, we will explore the relationship of the three occultisms (eugenic, hygienic and mechanical) to the beings of Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel respectively and the way in which Michael is seeking to work with these beings, through us, to bring about a healthy expression of these three occultisms. This will open a doorway to a recognition of the special role that the Archangel Uriel plays in the destiny of North America, and will allow us to examine the signature of Uriel in the history and present-day life of America. On this basis we will explore Uriel’s archetypal way of working in the human soul, which is so essential to root anthroposophy on this continent, and to create a foundation for the unfolding of those healthy social and economic forms, as well as etheric and moral technologies for which our culture is so hungry.

Note, each of these webinars will be designed as an independent whole. While the second webinar will build on the first, it is not necessary to attend the first webinar in order to attend the second.

Robert Karp, M.Ed. is an educator, writer and social entrepreneur informed by the insights of Rudolf Steiner. Robert is a long-time leader in the sustainable agriculture movement in the US and is the former executive director of the Biodynamic Association and of Practical Farmers of Iowa.  Robert’s writings include Toward an Associative Economy in the Sustainable Food and Farming Movement; Social Justice in the Light of Anthroposophy; The Sacred Wound: Understanding and Responding to the Call of Grief; and Agriculture and the Sacred, which was published as a chapter in the book Journeys and Awakenings, Wisdom for Spiritual Travelers, published by Sacred Spirit Books. You can learn more about Robert and find many of his writings on his website at

February 2024


Our intended speaker has had to cancel. Check for updates.

March 2024

MysTech UK Conference

Our host, Andrew Linnell, will away on a speaking tour (see below for more details)

April 2024

Vital Force Technology (VFT)

With Igor Nazarov

Igor Nazarov of MIG-Tech will speak about extending the concept used for Steiner’s BD preparations for “vital force” additives. Pioneer Dr. Yury Kronn invented this Vital Force Technology (VFT) that is capable of ‘capturing’ a subtle energy pattern coming from the electrically modulated gas discharge of specific inert gases and then ‘recording’ this with the help of a broad light-spectrum processing system.

MysTech Conferences 2024

March 8 thru 20, 2024

United Kingdom MysTech Tour

The Challenge of Our Times

Technology’s Role In Human Evolution In The Light Of Spiritual Science

Intensives In The UK With Are Thoresen, Theodor Hundhammer, And Andrew Linnell

Throughout Rudolf Steiner’s Years Of Lecturing, He Warned About The Dangers As Well As The Necessary Role Of Technology In Our Evolution. In His Last Letters To Members, He Explained How Evolution Has Brought Us To A Mastery Of The Physical, Of Nature, But Also Of How Technology Will Pull Us Down Into A New Realm, The Realm Of Sub-Nature. This Is Unavoidable And Throughout His Lectures Where He Discusses The Dangers Of Technology, Steiner Also Offered Us Counterbalances. To Balance Our Exposure To Sub-Nature, We Must Learn To Consciously Enter The Realms Of Super-Nature (The Etheric And Astral Realms). Eurythmy, A Movement Artform First Developed By Rudolf Steiner, Will Be Shown To Be An Important Counterbalancing Activity, Among Others.

This Conference Is Created By MysTech, A Non-Profit Organization Based In Seattle, USA. MysTech Seeks To Advance Humanity’s Moral Cultivation Of Technology Through Spiritual Science. It Is Devoted To Cultivating A Relationship Between Humanity And Machine That Will Be Healthy And Helpful For Future Evolution.

Find out more about this conference here:

August 8 thru 11, 2024

Online Only

MysTech Conference 2024

Theme of Light Resonance

Our annual conference, held during the peak of the Perseid meteor showers in August (8-11, 2024, actual peak is the 12th), will have the theme of Light Resonance. Our 2023 conference theme was Sound Resonance in which we explored Cymatics among other fields. Please Save The Dates! This conference will be online only this year. Registration will open in April. Please let us know if you are aware of a researcher in the field of Light or Light-Resonance.

October 2024

Science 2.0 Conference

The Foundation for Cultural Renewal

Science 2.0 will be put on by the Foundation for Cultural Renewal with support from MysTech and will be taking place in early October 2024 in the Bay Area or Silicon Valley. This will be a major conference attracting a large audience. In addition to the auditorium and its lectures, this will have an exhibit area where participants can experience phenomena up-close. More information will be coming as it solidifies.

MysTech Online Study Groups

Many of you have already participated in one or more of these. Groups have sometimes bonded so strongly that they have continued together to study other MysTech courses or even to take on books or themes by Rudolf Steiner or other Anthroposophists. Feedback has been very gratifying.

This next 12-week term, January through March, MysTech will add a new course: The Mysteries of Evil to the other seven courses listed below. Signups are now open. The various courses will begin the week of January 7th.  Here are all of courses:

Day & Time


TU, 10 PM ET, 7 PM PT

TH,  9 pm EET (19:00 BT London)




Wed, 8:30 PM ET

Wed, 1:30 PM ET

TH, 2:30 PM ET

Mon, 8:30 PM ET

Name of Course

First Course AUS

First Course NA

First Course EU

Second Course 

Third Course 

Fourth Course 

Light and Electricity 

Destiny of the Human Body

Refined Breathing 

Mysteries of Evil 

Printed Book Order


If you would like to be a host for one of these, please let Andrew ([email protected])  know ASAP. Being a host does not mean you are the expert. Nor do you need to be an experienced facilitator. The study guidebooks are designed to steer the conversation. The material generally stimulates more discussion than can fit in the hour allotted. As the host, you can arrange for an opening and closing verse (the study guidebooks have numerous possible verses) and help the shy participants to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts.

Here are some example verses from the books:

The Social Motto

The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection and when in the community the virtue of each individual is living.

Facing the Future

We must eradicate from the soul all fear and terror of what comes toward us out of the future. We must acquire serenity in all feelings and sensations about the future. We must look forward with absolute equanimity to all that may come, and we must think only that whatever comes is given to us by a world direction full of wisdom. This is what we have to learn in our times: to live out of pure trust in the ever-present help of the spiritual world. Surely nothing else will do, if our courage is not to fail us. Let us properly discipline our will and let us seek the inner awakening every morning and every evening.

The Stars Once Spoke to Man

The Stars once spoke to Man.
It is World-destiny
That they are silent now.
To be aware of the silence
Can become pain for earthly Man.
But in the deepening silence
There grows and ripens
What Man speaks to the Stars.
To be aware of the speaking
Can become strength for Spirit-Man.

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