Money, Blockchain, and Monetary Control Technology by Sebastian Bilbao

About the Presentation

55 Minutes with Q&A

This presentation includes questions such as, “Can Fintech become a Moral Technology? From the financial crash of 2007-8 several financial technologies emerged poised to bring change to the Economic Sphere. These technologies are inherently binary and thus Ahrimanic, as are many other technologies. We will explore if they can be redeemed to evolve the human being.

About the Presenter

Sebastian Bilbao

Sebastian is an independent student of Anthroposophy, who focuses his research on Steiner’s Economic Course and The Threefold Social Organism. He collaborates with MysTech’s Lecturer Gopi Krishna Vijaya in establishing Associative Economics in Utah and is also a participant in the Economics Conference of the Goetheanum. Since 2019 he has been convening colleagues from all over the world to work on a financial technology (fintec) implementation of Steiner’s socioeconomic indications.

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