Challenge of Artificial Intelligence

Challenge of Artificial Intelligence

A Live Interview Hosted by Andrew Linnell & Anne Nicholson

About the Webinar

An Interview with Nicanor Perlas hosted by Andrew Linnell and Anne Nicholson taking questions from participants online.  The Interview was part of a 2019 tour by Mr. Perlas and was conducted via Zoom at the home of Mr. Linnell in Massachusetts.

Suggested Reading

Humanity’s Last Stand

The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence: A Spiritual-Scientific Response

Perlas offers an overview of the AI phenomenon, together with its related transhuman concepts of “perfecting humanity,” outlining the critical internal and external responses needed to meet them consciously. In particular, the author addresses the movement connected to the work of Rudolf Steiner, indicating its all-important tasks to cooperate with progressive individuals and movements, including scientists and civil society activists; to mobilize its “daughter” movements for action; and, ultimately, to cooperate with the spiritual powers that have guided and served humanity since the dawn of time. This, says Perlas, is humanity’s last stand. Failure is not an option.


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