AI-Enabled Attention Management

Image: Mika Baumeister (unsplash)

In Machine Gambling and Social Media and Ways to Overcome It.

Based on therapeutic work done with a young man suffering from severe digital addiction, this presentation first helps us to understand how users could be “hooked,” as is said in the business, to a particular platform such as Facebook. The science of behavioral modification has been well established for years now, applying and perfecting its methods on a massive scale to ensure a steady profit flow for their parent companies. But with some concrete techniques based on anthroposophical principles, we can overcome these insidious conditioning methods.

Watch this free video from the MysTech Conference 2020 where presenter Boyd Collins, a 22-year veteran software engineer for large multi-national corporations, expertly walks us through the following:

  • What techniques are used to gain control over one’s attention and autonomy?
  • How can one be vigilant and recognize these techniques when using their devices.
  • How are specifically young people effect by these behavior modification techniques?
  • What strategies can we use to overcome these behavioral conditioning methods?
  • And many other insights.

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  1. Wonderful, thoughtful insights leading me to wonder…Is this fab presentation one of the perks allowed us to keep us there? Convoluted artist thinkers. ????

    1. Haha! Indeed, but then we’re telling you exactly what we’re doing. Maybe to throw you off a bit. You might have to join us for this years conference and hear Boyd explain how we’re gotten to Learn to Think Like a Smart Machine.