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  1. Thank you for these profoundly thought-provoking lectures. I think it might intersect with something I have been thinking about with regard to the form of DNA. I measured, in the original X-ray crystallography of DNA, the vertical distance of the central axis of a single loop of the helix and the width of a loop and found the golden ratio which underlies the spiral form of pine cones, roses, etc. Do you think this relates to the torus you speak about and the double helical form of DNA?

    1. Yes, Judith, the presence of the golden proportion is now a fairly well documented finding about the DNA, it’s great to hear that you actually measured it yourself. To SEE the connection with the torus, I suggest you go to the Xray picture you have or find on the internet an image of Franklin’s X-ray crystallography (the first image to come up) and using a pendulum the way we did with flower petals and galactic arms, that you focus on each of the 4 “lines”: you will see the two rotations at work and find that you are looking at a picture very similar to that of a very simple flower: 2 front petals, two back petals (so to speak). If you look back at the first presentation, you will recognize the same toroidal configuration.
      I feel prompted to add, as it might be of interest to you, that the same golden mean measurement has been “discovered” at the heart of the atom. I place quotation mark, because it remains based on the model of Bohr’s atom (you can find the whole question of the fine structure constant discussed in my book p. 480-481). I quote the physicist who came up with this finding:
      “It was a surprise to find for the first time that the Bohr radius is divided into two unique sections at the point of electrical neutrality, which is the Golden point. The Golden ratio, which manifests itself in many spontaneous creations of Nature was thus found to originate right in the core of atoms. The ‘golden ratio’ is in the core of the atom.” (International Journal of Science, Research Article vol. 2, May 2013.) —
      Thank you for your feedback and question, Judith!

  2. I would like to order a copy of Monique Pommier’s book “Harmony”, if that is the one on which the series “Divine Technology” is based. Thanks, Lois Schroff