Post Conference

Science and Technology at the Threshold was our theme. After a conference like this, one often asks leading questions of themselves. Perhaps questions you have been entertaining might be: 

  • Was I motivated to join with others in order that  a healthy Mechanical Occultism can be realized?
  • How might I assist?
  • Do I need to be a researcher or technologist to assist? [Of course not!]
  • Can our human hearts build the supporting social structures?

MysTech now must grow. The times are demanding it. What steps shall we take so that the results of our conference live on? What can I do?

Below is a partial list.

  • Everyone can write a “report” of this conference for your local branch or community newsletter. If you do, please share a copy with [email protected] so that a larger conference report may be put together.
  • Write a “column” or blog for the website: let’s create content!
  • Become an editor for the publications: MysTech Journal, books, and websites
  • Join the MysTech Board: help guide our efforts
  • Take on Outreach: interface to Waldorf, BD, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Technology Associations, and various other movements
  • Start a study group! Lots of help can be provided. Guidebooks exist! If you do form one, we suggest it meet weekly at an agreeable time for an 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Committees: conference planning, webinar planning, fund raising, internal governance, website development, and use of non-profit tools. Join one! Most of these meet about once a month for 90 minutes while some, such as conference planning, will meet weekly for an hour during the three months leading up to a conference date. Committee members should also expect some email correspondences.

Session recordings are now available [link]! In addition, a good-quality recording of each speaker’s presentation is being prepared for individual sale. And transcripts of every talk is being prepared as a “conference book” which will be published and available here and on Rudolf Steiner Bookstore.