How this primal phenomenon deploys itself into the multiplicity of physical forms: the cosmological chord of 1 3 7 12

MysTech Conference 2022
MysTech Conference 2022
How this primal phenomenon deploys itself into the multiplicity of physical forms: the cosmological chord of 1 3 7 12

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  1. Hi here is my question for Monique. If Soul is considered as Logos/Proportion/Binding & Harmony principles/Love, then what is God/ Emptiness / NoThing/Unity? And how does something emerge from emptiness?

    1. Thank you, Catherine, for your question, which you rightly set within the framework in which it arises —which is the framework of the human soul/consciousness. If soul is considered as Logos/Love/ Harmony/ proportion etc.. one could say that God**/ primordial emptiness/ Nothing/ [unity] oneness points to Life versus Consciousness, to the primordial SOURCE of Life-being beyond the tri-unity of Logoic consciousness which forms and intones the central hub of our universe. It points to a reality that transcends the Logoic realm — and precedes the 3fold TONE-Word. Consciousness cannot conceive what transcends it as its source, it can only ponder it as the LIVING source of everything—the Ground of Being from which everything and every being comes and to which everything returns—pure Being, prior to any manifestation, any differentiation, any creational projection or emanation.
      ** I replaced the word unity with oneness and god with primordial oneness, because “unity” echoes the second, tri-une, soul aspect of divinity, and the notion of “god” refers to a form of being (however lofty) —also triune in essence
      “And how does something emerge from emptiness?” One of the most eloquent ancient texts (to my knowledge) to speak to this question is The Stanzas of Dzyan, at the beginning of “The Secret Doctrine.” Before the Stanzas, another old text is quoted which suggests that this is a question that “precedes the Gods that created the universe”, as “they themselves later came into being…” The stanzas nonetheless provide an evocative imagination of that first stirring of the “Unconscious Life” into world emergence — and one does see appear… “The Three” (that form the “EGG”) then The Seven.
      From the point of view of physics, the question becomes: how do particles emerge (or take ‘form’) from the quantum field ?– something I touched upon in the third presentation.