Exploring the TAO of AI: A Deeper Look into Artificial Intelligence and Human Evolution


Are you curious about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on our society and personal development? How can we avoid losing our connection to the spiritual dimension as we interact with AI? In the MysTech Conference 2021, Daniel Perez addressed these critical questions in his enlightening presentation “The TAO of AI.” In this article, we’ll summarize the key insights from Perez’s talk and shed light on how AI can help us enhance our lives without compromising our human essence. Don’t miss out on the chance to delve into the intriguing relationship between AI and the human spirit – read on to gain valuable insights.

Part 1: Understanding the Concept of TAO

In the first part of the presentation, Perez introduced the concept of TAO (The Absolute Order) and its three aspects: the heavenly, earthly, and human orders. He emphasized that the TAO connects everything in the universe, including AI. By understanding the TAO, we can explore the relationship between AI and human evolution.

Part 2: AI and the Human Being

Perez then delved into the evolution of AI from the Turing Test to the current state of AI-driven technologies. He highlighted that while AI is becoming increasingly sophisticated, it lacks the essential qualities that make us human: consciousness, feelings, and self-awareness. Perez stressed the importance of maintaining our human essence as we interact with AI systems.

Part 3: The Threefold Human Being and AI

Next, Perez explored the threefold nature of human beings according to anthroposophy: the physical, etheric, and astral bodies. He explained that AI, at best, can only emulate the physical and etheric aspects of human beings. The astral body, responsible for our feelings, emotions, and self-awareness, remains exclusive to humans. Perez emphasized that we must be cautious not to project our astral qualities onto AI, as doing so might hinder our spiritual development.

Part 4: The Higher Dimensions of Human Evolution

In the final part of his presentation, Perez focused on the higher dimensions of human evolution and the importance of striving towards divinity. He discussed the significance of embracing the divine and connecting with our spiritual selves to evolve beyond the limitations of AI and mechanized computers.

Perez also analyzed the legend of Parzifal, comparing the protagonist’s journey to that of Aisival, an AI version of the character. The thought experiment highlighted AI’s limitations in understanding the real meaning behind human experiences and the importance of differentiating between brain-bound thinking and spiritual thinking.


Daniel Perez’s presentation “The TAO of AI” invites us to contemplate the impact of AI on our society and personal development while emphasizing the importance of maintaining our connection to the spiritual dimension. As we continue to engage with AI-driven technologies, we must remember the unique qualities that make us human and strive for spiritual growth.

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  1. What about our senses? Does AI have a sense life? May it gain one? Must it go through the fallen development of sense the human has? Or might it obtain and retain a chaste sense life from the beginning?