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Sounds that Open the Heart

May 19 @ 2:00 pm 3:30 pm

 Illustrations to Ehrenfried Pfeiffer’s Heart lectures of 1950

About the Presentation

When insights granted in meditation open the doors to a completely new musical instrument you can be sure something special will occur. When the sacred maths of Fibonacci create a bridge between the Cosmic Feminine and Her Masculine counterpart you can be sure celestial harmonies will emerge. When predictions from Rudolf Steiner, realised 60 years after his death, open new doors to musical perception it may not surprise you to hear that leading university research, actual music-therapy-patient experience and a worldwide customer base agree that something new and life changing has occurred. In this manufactured world, meditative craftsmanship can still open the door to a depth of listening that reveals the unseen, make audible the voice of trees, and still the racing soul through specific harmonics and close attention to the quality of our own everyday experience.

About the Presenter

Son of a BioDynamic farmer and third generation Anthroposopher, Tobias Kaye, born 1956 in Ireland, was Waldorf educated in England and has studied spiritual science and development in an eclectic manner, finding harmonies between systems and bringing hybrid vigour to Steiner’s insights. Working alone as a craftsman he achieved world wide recognition before developing a musical instrument unique in world history. Training a select few to understand his techniques he now heads SoundingBowls.com making and distributing these new instruments to hospitals, care homes, and aware-individuals worldwide.

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