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AUGUST 13th thru 16th 2020

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Dear [Name]

Welcome, and thank you for joining us for MysTech’s first ever Live and online conference.

We have such a great lineup of speakers this year. They come from all corners of the world and will be covering a diverse array of topics, which include: Artificial Intelligence, Radionics, Resonance, Genetics, Physics, Eurythmy, Threefolding, and Consciousness, to name just a few.

Here at MysTech you are now on common ground with all who are working out of the ideals of a future where the sciences and technologies work in harmony with nature, humanity, and the spirit. By letting the phenomena unfold before us we can better build the future from out of this renewal of the sciences and construct the technology needed for our human evolution. This conference will help us better understand what we have to work with and how we might create what is necessary for the future.

With the current pandemic unfolding as it has, we all are afforded a new beginning, a new path forward. Our MysTech Conference can be that start forward, the forging of a new and different path ahead. You now can be part of the work that seeks what will become.

This year’s conference will take place online, but also on MysTech’s new website, MysTech is now a fully integrated Learning and Social platform with built-in meeting and webinar capability within a group setting on our own social network.

Here are some of the ways you can approach the conference through MysTech’s social website:

  • Watch the webinars live or via recording on your Smart TV through YouTube.
  • Connect with the presenters in real time in the session groups set up for each of the presentations.
  • Watch and connect in real time during the presentation within the session group on MysTech’s Social Network.
  • Connect with other participants in real time around the presentation topic during and after the conference.
  • Have access to all other documents that are offered up by the presenters within their Presentation Group.

For those who have purchased the add-on to the conference, you’ll now have access to:

  • All the transcripts to the presentations.
  • All the audio of the conference.

If you haven’t yet signed up for this option and would like to know more about it, you may do so here: [CTA]

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Again, we are thrilled to have you participate in MysTech Conference 2020. Should you have any questions, please do email us at [email protected]

From all of us at MysTech

Welcome, and Thank you!

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