MysTech Study Groups forming now for January through March

Start 2nd week of January and run for 12 weeks using Zoom. Each class has a study guidebook consisting of passages from Steiner lectures and books. Each session has a theme with study questions and commentaries. Feedback has been 5-star. Sign up at https://mystech.org/study-courses/.Courses:

  1. Beginners (NA, EU, Asia, and Aus/NZ)
  2. Intermediates (a) Mondays 5 pm ET or (b) Wed 8 pm ET or (c) ?
  3. Light & Electricity TBD
  4. Destiny of the Human Body TBD
  5. Refined Breathing TBD

You can sign up for any but it works best if you take the Beginners course first. The lecture material is often surprising and commonly challenging. You can work on it by yourself, but the group perspective certainly is very helpful. Groups have bonded and look forward to meeting each week.


Dec 03 - 31 2021




  • Andrew Linnell
    Andrew Linnell

    Andrew Linnell is a graduate of the University of Michigan (MSE ’73), a member of the Anthroposophical Society since 1979, and president of the Boston Branch. A former CTO with over 40 years in the computer industry, he is co-founder of MysTech. He also runs thechristianmysteries.com. He studied art history with William Mann at Emerson College, Sussex, England.