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Facing the Challenge of Our Times

Technology's Role in Human Evolution, Transforming Elementals, Developing a Hygienic Occultism, all in the Light of Anthroposophy


MARCH 12 - 14, 2024

Featured Presenters

Son Thoresen

Theodor Hundhammer

Andres Linnell

Paul Levy


Why You Should Attend

We live in a Technological Age. Rudolf Steiner foresaw this as well as the fear that would ensue. He called upon us not to fight this change as fanatics but rather to find the counterbalances so that human evolution can proceed as planned by our guiding spirits. In fact, the surge of technology is appropriate for our age, what we need to face, and what we need to develop – yes, even AI and Transhumanism! The intensive lectures and workshops of this event will give you practical ways to counter these Ahrimanic forces of our times as you realize a true and inwardly moral way forward for humanity’s evolution.

Why This Conference

Throughout Rudolf Steiner’s years of lecturing, he warned about the dangers as well as the necessary role of technology in our evolution. In his last Letters to Members, he explained how evolution has brought us to a mastery of the physical, of Nature, and how technology will pull us down into the realm of sub-nature. This is unavoidable and throughout his lectures where he discussed the dangers of technology, Steiner offered us counterbalances. We’ll explore these and how to balance our exposure to sub-nature by consciously entering the realms of super-nature (the etheric and astral realms). Eurythmy, a movement artform first developed by Rudolf Steiner, will be shown to be an important counterbalancing activity. How to bring Christ into our work in the transformation of technology’s elementals.

There are certain tasks to be fulfilled by the peoples of specific geographic regions of the Earth. Steiner described some of these tasks in lecture 3 of The Challenge of the Times where he discussed three distinct streams of occultism: Eugenic in the East, Hygienic in the Middle, and Mechanical in the West and in North America in particular. He indicated that America has a defined role for the 7th Post-Atlantean Cultural Age for which our technological developments play a key preparatory role. MysTech’s purpose is to help realize this Mechanical Occultism in the West. The Middle has inherent skills to find the Hygienic, the counterbalances and ways to heal such as offered by Eurythmy. It is therefore essential for Eurythmy Therapists to recognize the polarity of Eurythmy to technology and to consciously work with it to counterbalance our descent into the sub-nature upon the back of technology. The Eugenic Occultism apparently has yet to commence.

You are invited to participate in this series of lectures and workshops where we will explore technology from a spiritual scientific perspective. We will discuss the role of elementals, Vulcans, and adversarial beings that shape human evolution. We will engage in Eurythmy Therapeutic work that can help counterbalance the adverse effects of technology. We will offer other exercises and practices that can help you understand, manage, and transform your relationship to technology and to modern life. We hope that by the end of our work together, you’ll have a better understanding of the role of technology in human evolution and thereby feel better able to contribute to the future good of humanity and the world.

What is included in the conference:

Tuesday, March 12

Lecture: The Role of Vidar and the New Mysteries | Are Thoresen

Lecture: Dealing with Evil, Electricity, and Evolution | Andrew Linnell

Eurythmy: A Counterbalance | Theodor Hundhammer

Workshop: Redeeming Elementals (Even Those in Machines) | Are Thoresen

Conversation: Facing Our Times, Our Concerns | Paul Levy as moderator

Lecture: The Cosmic Purpose for AI and Transhumanism | Andrew Linnell

Wednesday, March 13

Lecture: Mechanical Occultism, Morality, and the Christ Within | Andrew Linnell

Lecture: Entering the Etheric on the Northern Path 1 | Are Thoresen

Eurythmy: A Counterbalance | Theodor Hundhammer

Workshop: Entering the Etheric on the Northern Path 2 | Are Thoresen

Lecture: The Redemption of Cain | Andrew Linnell

Thursday, March 14

Conversation and Reflections | Paul Levy as moderator

Workshops: The Four Portals and the Future & Practice Christianizing Elementals | Are Thoresen

Eurythmy: A Counterbalance | Theodor Hundhammer

Lecture: The New Yoga: Refined Breathing | Andrew Linnell

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Son Thoresen


Lectures & Workshops

The Role of Vidar and the New Mysteries

In 1879, Michael became the Time Spirit. Each archangel who does this temporarily steps up to the level of Archai and, when complete, returns to their role as archangel. But Michael had reached the point in his evolution where he will now remain at the level of an Archai. What does this mean for his former roles and for human evolution? Are will speak about the importance of this transition from Michael to Vidar and how it applies today.

Redeeming Elementals (Even Those in Machines)

Are will work with us to show how we can first experience elemental beings including those in our tech devices and then how we can “Christianize” them so that they no longer harm us.

Entering the Etheric on the Northern Path 1 & 2

Are will lead us to explore the new Northern Path. In this lecture/workshop, he will describe each of the three elemental kingdoms and how to enter them. 

The Four Portals and the Future

In this lecture, Are reveals the coming of a fourth portal in addition to those of Sun, Elements, and Death. This portal comes from our encounter with Ahriman and its impact on building first brotherhood and then spiritual love.

Practice Christianizing Elementals

This will be a workshop where we can ask Are questions about his techniques especially those pertaining to the mitigation of harm by technological devices.

Sobre el presentador

Son Thoresen, MVD, has trained in acupuncture, homeopathy, and anthroposophical medicine and operates a holistic private veterinary practice in Sandefjord, Norway. He has been active with MysTech since its first conference with his focus on Hygienic Occultism. He has published over 25 papers and 10 books and given lectures and workshops about his research at various venues including these MysTech conferences. Are’s current research has focused on Vidar and the Northern Way of Initiation. In his written works, Are has explored the human potential for spiritual knowledge and for new spiritual experiences in our time. He will share exercises to go beyond the veils of the sense world to experience the three realms of elementals.


Andres Linnell

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Lectures & Workshops

Dealing with Evil, Electricity, and Evolution

Is electricity evil? Is humanity becoming more and more evil? Are we doomed? How does one have hope for the future? When I next reincarnate, what kind of world will it be? Andrew will explore the necessary role of evil in human evolution.

The Cosmic Purpose for AI and Transhumanism

While the threat of AI and Transhumanism seem to be beyond our capacities, Andrew will show why they are necessary at this time and what their cosmic purpose is.

Mechanical Occultism, Morality, and the Christ Within

Andrew will lead us to understand a task that the West must fulfill, namely the development of a Mechanical Occultism. What does this entail? How could it work? The result will become the means for the interpenetration of the Moral and the Mechanical.

The Redemption of Cain

All of us carry both Cain and Abel within our souls. Cain committed fratricide. How can this karmic debt be redeemed? Will this redemption be connected with technology and human evolution?

The New Yoga: Refined Breathing

This closing lecture will describe a new counterbalance that Steiner mentioned several times but did not live long enough to develop. He called this “refined breathing” and the new yoga for our times. Andrew will explore what we do know and what it could mean for human evolution.

Sobre el presentador

Andres Linnell is co-founder of MysTech and serves on its various committees to bring educational events such as this mini-conference. He is the author of eight MysTech Study Guidebooks as well as two children’s books and three on art history. In his 42-year professional career, Andrew served as lead solutions architect, VP, and CTO. He has served as president of the Boston Branch of the Anthroposophical Society for a decade.


Theodor Hundhammer


Eurythmy: A Counterbalance

Tueday Session

Rudolf Steiner, knowing what we would face in our times, gave us Eurythmy as a counterbalance. Theodor will lead us to experience how this form of movement acts as a counterbalance to our sedentary lives in front of screens.

Wednesday Session

Theodor will lead us further into the experience of eurythmy as a means to become conscious of our etheric body and of etheric forces working within us. This is essential for counterbalancing what we shall meet in our modern world.

Thursday Session

Theodor offers us practices we can do daily to strengthen our awareness of our etheric body and its organs. As evolution proceeds, some organs will fade away while new ones become active. Eurythmy is visible speech. Through it we learn about the connection of our ears and our larynx.

About the Eurythmist

Theodor Hundhammer is the founder of Eurythmy4you. He produces the videos and is responsible for the content. He has a eurythmy therapy practice in Bern and in Biel in Switzerland. You can book individual sessions with him, or invite him to teach a class near you. After completing his degree, he worked for four years as a plant engineer at WALA-Heilmittel GmbH, during which time he dealt with the spiritual significance of technology for humans. Theodor practices in Bern and Biel in Switzerland. In addition to his therapeutic work, he worked at FAIRMED until 2011 as a project administrator for health projects in Africa and Asia. From 2011 to 2020 Theodor was board member and president of the Eurythmy Therapy Professional Association Switzerland.

Paul Levy

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About the Moderator

Paul Levy is a writer and researcher in the field of technology. He is a senior lecturer at the University of Brighton, an associate at Warwick Business School, a technosopher, and author of the books Digital Inferno y The Poetry of Change. He is Design Advisor for MKAI, a development agency working in the field of AI Ethics.