MysTech: Study Guide for Beginners

This Study Guide is intended to guide students through the key lectures Rudolf Steiner gave regarding the future interaction of mankind with machines. This study guide is intended for groups or individuals wishing to come to an understanding of this future foreseen by Steiner.

This Beginners Study Guide contains material for ten sessions. Each session contains a theme, introductory words about what will be studied, an online link to the full lecture(s), text extracted from the lecture(s) for study, a commentary as catalyst to deeper thoughts regarding the study material, and lastly a set of questions that may be used to stimulate study group conversation.

The various quotes in the section “Study Material” were selected by Andrew Linnell to focus in on concepts and questions MysTech carries. Many threads run through these selected lectures.  Additional relevant quotes from other Rudolf Steiner material are sometimes included for a given session. The serious student is encouraged to read not only the full lecture, but also the lecture cycle from whence an individual lecture was taken.

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