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MysTech is dedicated to driving positive change for our future by steering the role that technology will play in society and human evolution in the light of spiritual science. The past century has witnessed astonishing advances in technology that have impacted our day-to-day lives, health, and consciousness in profound and unexpected ways. When we consider the impact of technology in the context of our evolution as both physical and spiritual beings, how might it contribute to our future? Will continued advances in technology be a benefit or a burden for the potential of humankind? How must we respond to modern technological developments in order to shape the future towards the good? In this conference you will gain new insights about the mysteries of technology from the perspectives of spiritual science through the original research of our distinguished speakers across a broad range of fascinating topics. You will also gain a new appreciation for social three-folding, biodynamics,  eurythmy, and more, and learn how these methods and thought-forms can help us to meet the coming challenges of the modern age.

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Genetics • Resonance • Eurythmy • BioDynamics • Color • Elementals • Spiritual Science

Thursday, August 12th

Katie Singer, Keynote Speaker: Cognizant of the Costs

Boyd Collins: Impact of Screentime and Counterbalances

Gary Lamb: Child Development, Waldorf, and Technology 

Friday, August 13th

Lynn Stull, Eurythmy: Evolution of Technology through the Zodiac

Sebastian Bilboa: Money, Blockchain, and Monetary Control Technology

Monique Pommier: Biogeometry

Robert Filocco: Are UFOs Real?

Doug Smith: Transhumanism’s Challenge

Siegward Elsas: Neurophysiology, Freedom, and the Human Will

Andrew Linnell: Welding Together, Part 1

Daniel Perez: The TAO of AI

Eugene Schwartz: Tech & Waldorf: Lessons Learned from Covid

Jennifer Gidley: Humanism or Transhumanism

Saturday, August 14th

Lynn Stull, Eurythmy: Evolution of Technology through the Zodiac

John Eck: Radionics

Ralf Tita: Cymatics 

Aaron French: Is Technology a Necessary Evil?

Johannes Kuhl: Etheric Forces

Andrew Linnell: Welding Together, Talk 2

Florian Sydow: Steps Toward Moral Technology: Rebalancing the Sub-nature – Super-nature Polarity

Brian Gray, Robert Schiappacasse, and David Tresemer: Cain and Abel, Building the Temple of the Future Human Being

Sunday, August 15th

Lynn Stull, Eurythmy: Evolution of Technology through the Zodiac

Ralf Tita: Applied Cymatics

Are Thoresen: Spiritual Science, Demons, and Elementals

Lelan Harris: Experiencing the Etheric Christ in this Technological Age

Andrew Linnell: Preparing the Future Now

Ed Conroy: Conference Closing


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